First visit to Tampines Library at Hub

Saturday, both Bret and I woke up late. By the time we were ready, it was 2pm and making our way to lunch. Tummies filled with sushi, we decided to pop by the re-opened library near our Neighbourhood.

The crowd was manageable and we made our way to the children's book section at level 4.

In order to build Leia's vocabulary and interest in writing, I try to introduce books appropriate for her age.

Leia likes the new Library and asked to find a seat so she can read her book. Bret was babywearing Kryston so wasn't the ideal time.

When we strolled to the Chinese section, she discovered a Disney princess book. There's hanyu pinyin so she can read the book on her own.

The Baby Pictures Books are located at Level 3, an indoor playground coming too. I picked up 3 books for my 14 months old.

Altogether we borrowed 11 books for Leia & Kryston. The books are all new books and the kids have started to read them at home.

For my boy, it was more of flipping and playing with the interactive books.

Looking forward to our next trip to the library again.

Library Books: The Gingerbread Man

Books are big part of our life. Every night Leia would want her grandma or myself read her a book before bedtime.


We like this title, The Gingerbread Man loose in the School.


The story is presented in comic strips. Something new to Leia. After we finished the book, I asked her to choose her favourite page and this is the page where the gingerbread man reunites with the children.


Leia enjoyed the story, so did I.

Sushi & Library

After nights with friends, I decided to spend quality time with Leia. Together with my parents, we had Sakae Sushi Buffet at Whitesands.

Leia likes Tamago Sushi, Chawanmushi & ice cream.


My father loves Sashimi. He had three plates all by himself.


After lunch, we make a trip to the library. Leia loves books and she found Peppa Pig.

imageFeels good to borrow books for her again. Its Ladybug Girl again.


Borrowed 12 books in total. Few titles were related to Christmas. Once we reached mum’s place, Leia asked me to read to her. She loves story time and every night she would ask for bedtime story.

Something I looked forward about in parenthood.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

One of her favourite books from library. Instead of Mummy S, Leia insists Daddy reads “Dear Zoo” to her…night after night.


Every night, the 28 months old calls for Story Time.On the bed, Leia sat on my lap as Bret entertained us with his hilarious facial expressions and animal sounds that made us laughed.

And since my girl likes this book so much, I decided to download the app for our iPad.

She loves to play the memory game too.

From Rod Campbell,

“Dear Zoo was established in 1982 and over the years it has become firmly established as a classic for the under 5’s. “

Don’t Wake the Bear

Among the 12 library books, a title has been crowned her favorite  Almost twice a day, Leia brings the book to me asking me to read aloud.

When I first saw this book, I thought it would be great to let her understand we have to be as quiet as possible when someone is sleeping…

Here are the little animals preparing a spring party in quiet and trying their best not to wake the bear… until… the hare blew up a balloon!

The huge bear awoke angrily but was glad to know there was a party! In the end, he brought his honey along and joined the others for dance and fun.

Illustration was attractive and entertaining narratives. I was able to animate the gestures of the little animals and even involved Leia by pretending to be the bear who was sleeping.

Mummy S: “Leia, close your eyes like the bear!”

Leia smiling with her eyes closed.

Mummy S goes “Pop! The balloon has burst! – Now Leia, wake up with an angry face.”

Leia tried to look angry but she found it too fun and giggled half way through a stern face.

Her Very First School Excursion

A Monday morning, Leia decided to read one of my books, The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr Gary Chapman.


Our Experience

We had to reach school by 9.45am and transport was provided. I got to meet few parents of her classmates and they happened to be her usual playmates. Nice.

For the 23-30 months old toddlers, it was challenging to get them to sit still and listen to the librarians about library and etiquette .

Leia and her little friends held hands from time to time. They looked for each other, sat and read picture books together. Play was a natural activity for them too. Singing their own song as they walked round and round the pillar at baby books corner.


By 12.30pm, parents and toddlers were so hungry. We took the coach back and I think I know who is her best friend.


Back at school, tasty & nutritious porridge was served.


Leia actually asked for her 2nd bowl and Teacher Julie says its normal as her appetite is pretty good.


I feel glad to experience Leia’s first ever school excursion with her. Marine Parade Library is not new to me but it was a very special experience to visit with the school and watched how she mingles with her friends.

Something good I noticed in Leia, her social skills have improved greatly 🙂

Best Friend Otah

Last week, I went Tampines Library to borrow books and 顺便 bought my family breakfast from my favorite otah stall.

Introduced by Beelian. We always go giggly & excited at the thought of having it.


And now whenever I see this otah, Beelian will come to my mind! Reminiscing the hilarious and fun times we shared before we turn mothers.

Our friendship have come a long way and still going strong with our everyday update & frequent phone calls.