P1 Chinese Enrichment : Leia

Ever since Leia started Primary 1, Bret and I takes turn to guide her through English and Maths. For Chinese, it was a challenge for us as home is an English speaking environment. Going to Chinese enrichment classes is quite a norm. My mil and Mother heard from their nephews that their children have been attending Chinese classes so they reminded me that I should enrol Leia into one too.

It was in the back of my head that I need to outsource chinese class.


I need a passionate, experienced teacher who can help Leia to love Chinese. I have a keen interest in Chinese because of my Primary 1 & 2 Chinese teacher. My classmates & I always look forward to his class. Using blackboard and chalk, he infused storytelling through draw & tell as well as games with score system to spur the interest of Chinese history, culture and values. I had 2 great years that helped built my Chinese foundation with enthusiasm. Yet how the rest of my Teachers taught Chinese were easily forgotten.

With that, I learnt that Teachers impact the interest of a child towards the subject.

Back to Leia’s search for Chinese enrichment. One day I was on Facebook, suddenly an advertisement popped up. I visited the website of Kids Start Now.

(Picture Source: Kids Start Now. )

The headline answers what I need totally, helping Leia to love Chinese. Location & fun teaching methods are in sync with what I am looking for, my heart fluttered with joy. Immediately, I called in to arrange for a trial the next day. 

It was Sunday at 9am, very early and I have been having interrupted sleep because of teething Kryston. Still, I went ahead to wake up at 7.30am despite a sleepless night.

At the Centre

We were greeted with very fun-looking classroom and a warm, experienced Chinese teacher. I was told to return 1 hour & 45 minutes later. Drove back home for coffee as I get busy at my laptop till it was time.

Took me only 15 minutes to drive to the school. I was asked to enter the classroom, 老师 introduced her teaching background & shared her observations of Leia’s current progress and potentials. She gave specific praises on Leia for her ability to introduce herself in front of new faces, focus and a fast learner. 老师 was spot on about her confusion in the sound of han yu pin ying as well as writing some Chinese character with incorrect strokes. I was won over.老师 was able to assess Leia while teaching lessons to 6 kids.

Managed to take a picture of Leia in the class. The little girl on the wall reminded me of the mermaid in Tokidoki Jujube Sea Amo. Lol.

老师 says Leia is well-liked by the girl sitting next to her and she enjoyed the class especially the games. My girl nodded with a wide grin on her face.

I was further briefed on the class lesson plan and how the activties engage the students.

(Source: Kids Start Now)

Our P1 classes:

  • Constant oral and Show and Tell practice to help kids excel in school
  • Word recognition and writing exercises following MOE curriculum
  • Exercise to build strong foundation in Han Yu Pin Yin
  • Practice tests to prepare kids for school assessments
  • Reading Programme strengthens reading and vocabulary through animated storybooks
  • $510 for 12 lessons (2 hrs/week)

Decided to sign up as I get Leia’s affirmative response. After class, my little girl began to speak to me in Chinese with confidence. Elated when she said, “I want to go back again, it’s been a fun day for me!”

The centre is conveniently located near Bedok Mrt for at least 2 years. I wished I had signed up earlier.  Had a glimpse of the kindergarten class which seem really fun, Leia asked,”Why am I not in this class?”. Ops. Likely, I will enrol Kryston when he’s 3 years old.