Cool Mint Viennetta 

Being working mum, I just want to dash back home to my kids after work. Me-time or spa time is pretty much history or have come become rare to me. Used to do regular groceries shopping with Bret until I tried Red Mart. I appreciated the convenience of clicking and have my groceries delivered to home. Goodbye to days where I have to carry the heavy duty items like rice, milk powder or detergents & etc

Last afternoon, my Red Mart order was delivered. One of the item, Viennetta Ice Cream. 

The Color of the box goes so well with Le Creuset Cool Mint stoneware. I will always remember the commercial I watched when I was a kid. Through the commercial, I learnt the concept of luxury. Successful commercial. 

Beautiful curls… Bret loves peppermint and our first time trying. Minty and Super cool. 

Yummy dessert. 

Milk & Honey Gelato @ Bedok

Whenever weekend arrives, we just want to let down our hair do what makes us happy. For instance, having delicious ice cream. After dinner, we would conveniently walk around trying out ice cream new to our tastebuds.


Incredible taste. No wonder the crowd…I love the green tea ice cream and we are going to make this a “must” after dinner at 85 bedok.

Milk & Honey Gelato
Block 86 Bedok North Ave 4
Singapore 460086
Tel: +65 9838 0687
Tue to Thu & Sun: 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight
Fri & Sat: 11:00 am to 1:00 am
Closed on Mondays

Ice Cream at Home

On a causal long weekend, we made a trip to cold storage for tibits shopping. Pretty Enjoyable.. followed by drama at home and then Home Desserts..

Chocolate Chips Ice Cream with Toppings

Thanks to Mother Chew! She provided us the ice cream and toppings.. we just do it ourselves.

Simple & Shiok!