The Winner

In the month of July, Bret was promoted for his work performance. And as mentioned before, he was the top banker for his dept, nation wide. Woohoo!

Bret and I love this picture a lot. Our little girl held his trophy with pride.


For our new house, I will need a place or shelves to place our trophies.

Holiday Inn High Tea

Bret have been consistent in his work and had recently won a prestigious award for his outstanding performance. He came in top among the hundreds 🙂


Wed – Putien with his aunt & family
Sun – Holiday Inn High Tea Buffet with his family
Next Sat – My Parents Holiday Inn High tea buffet (bought vouchers for them)

Holiday Inn

I enjoyed the ambience. Wasn’t as cramp as I thought maybe because wasnt full. My mil and his aunt enjoyed the food very much.

Aunt made Rojak that tasted yummy!


No seafood but more to local delight, their love. We also invited Cousin Colin and Janice. They love durian madly!


Mil was beaming with smiles. There was diy laksa, roti prata, satay even Herbal Tea Egg.


But the tea egg was kinda bitter, too much cinamon.

Little Girls


Jesslyn and Leia recognize each other as play buddies. They learnt to “cheers” with each other.

Then, they watched cartoon on my S3 and sang thomas & friends theme song together. When Leia hugged Jesslyn and kissed her cheek, we were very surprised and felt so warm. Expressive Leia.

I didnt eat much. But seeing everyone so happy is enough for me.

Sat morning & my Ice cream Top

Since morning 8.30am, my entire time was spent with my dear daughter. Bret was enjoying his weekend sleep while I lost count of how many activities I have done with Leia.

Her Decision

I let her decide on what she wants to do. Making Oat, Melissa & Dough Puzzles, Colouring and she even asked for Doraemon.

No. 3

Whenever she wants Doraemon, she would say “Ang Ang Ang”. Today, I gave her the remote controller and told her to press “3” and she really did it. She was more interested in the theme song actually. An obvious plan of hers: She wants to master the song.

Toddlers either love to change an activity quickly or they just repeat endlessly.

Our Afternoon

We are having high tea buffet with his family. And I chose something really simple to wear.

Love my top from bkk, chosen by Bret.


Using Vanilla Filter , Cymera app.

Noreen Baby Shower

After Jaydan’s 3rd Birthday Party, we went home to rest. It was Leia’s nap time. She slept well and about 4pm, we woke her up.  When Bret picked up Jacky & wife, Teresa, I began chatting non-stop with the lady.

Parents Again!

Congratulations to Kim Han & Jess! They have another sweet addition named Noreen. Resembles 13month old Noelle. Just as their first daughter, the party was held at Aloha Chalet, Pasir Ris. Vegetarian buffet but the best dishes were prepared by Kim Han’s mother. I had 3 bowls of vegetarian shark fin soup while Jacky had more than 5 bowls.

Fruitful Time

We spent hours catching up and discussed about engaging interior designers. Very Fruitful for me. I am most glad that Leia behaved very well throughout. She watched youtube clips on my wide-screen S3 and I was able to chat with Teresa for long while with minimal interruptions 🙂


Jianda and his family reached. Leia quickly ran towards the little girls and held the girl’s hand. She called out “Jie jie”. But the 4 year old twins didnt look as comfortable and spontaneous. On the other hand, Leia insisted on holding hand with the little girl.


For a short while, Bret and I distracted Leia as it was time to go home.

Bubble Fun

Back home, I praised Leia for her good behavior and pampered her with a warm and relaxing bubble bath.

The wakening

The thing about parenthood, More Happiness definitely but Lesser Sleep.

Last night, Leia woke up at 4.30am asking for milk. Its rare that she does that but still, tiring. I laid her between me and Bret and she dozed off waking up at 10.30am. Her eyes opened and she called out happily, “Mommy!” I hugged and kissed her for the beautiful saturday morning.


Bret was still sleeping like a pig. He was facing the other side and based on past track record, he always ignores me when I asked him to get up.

The Plan

We were supposed to have lunch with his mum and aunt… And this man needs an hour or more to get ready. So, using body language, I got my little accomplice to wake her father up. She tapped on his back few times but he pretended to be in deep sleep. Leia was gentle today.

Moved on to another tactic. I led Leia into singing and talking. She went non-stop and Bret finally looked up to see his little girl. He grinned with happiness and saw the time, “11am already, ok wake up.” 🙂

Lunch on weekend

With my in-law living next door, my current kitchen is considered the maid’s territory.

Good thing is I don’t have to cook and do housework. Bad thing is, i dont know what kind of frozen meat was bought.

For my new house, my in-law will live 5mins block away. It will be a different ball game where i know whats in the house and where things are placed. So look forward.


Bret never like last minute plans so i have to brief him about weekend’s plans like whether we are lunching out & any marketing to do.

For our lunch

Dim sum at Jia Wei restaurant, Grand Mercure Hotel. This time no biscuits and ipad to entertain Leia. Instead, I amused her by taking self-portrait together.


Effective to keep Leia occupied and sitting still. And somehow food tasted better previously. Every First Time is always memorable. Something new and no expectations.

Next, was to run errands. Just returned from 12katong and bought really simple ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

While Leia took her afternoon nap, I did some search on home and design as well as prepared dinner & dessert.