P1 Chinese Enrichment : Leia

Ever since Leia started Primary 1, Bret and I takes turn to guide her through English and Maths. For Chinese, it was a challenge for us as home is an English speaking environment. Going to Chinese enrichment classes is quite a norm. My mil and Mother heard from their nephews that their children have been attending Chinese classes so they reminded me that I should enrol Leia into one too.

It was in the back of my head that I need to outsource chinese class.


I need a passionate, experienced teacher who can help Leia to love Chinese. I have a keen interest in Chinese because of my Primary 1 & 2 Chinese teacher. My classmates & I always look forward to his class. Using blackboard and chalk, he infused storytelling through draw & tell as well as games with score system to spur the interest of Chinese history, culture and values. I had 2 great years that helped built my Chinese foundation with enthusiasm. Yet how the rest of my Teachers taught Chinese were easily forgotten.

With that, I learnt that Teachers impact the interest of a child towards the subject.

Back to Leia’s search for Chinese enrichment. One day I was on Facebook, suddenly an advertisement popped up. I visited the website of Kids Start Now.

(Picture Source: Kids Start Now. )

The headline answers what I need totally, helping Leia to love Chinese. Location & fun teaching methods are in sync with what I am looking for, my heart fluttered with joy. Immediately, I called in to arrange for a trial the next day. 

It was Sunday at 9am, very early and I have been having interrupted sleep because of teething Kryston. Still, I went ahead to wake up at 7.30am despite a sleepless night.

At the Centre

We were greeted with very fun-looking classroom and a warm, experienced Chinese teacher. I was told to return 1 hour & 45 minutes later. Drove back home for coffee as I get busy at my laptop till it was time.

Took me only 15 minutes to drive to the school. I was asked to enter the classroom, 老师 introduced her teaching background & shared her observations of Leia’s current progress and potentials. She gave specific praises on Leia for her ability to introduce herself in front of new faces, focus and a fast learner. 老师 was spot on about her confusion in the sound of han yu pin ying as well as writing some Chinese character with incorrect strokes. I was won over.老师 was able to assess Leia while teaching lessons to 6 kids.

Managed to take a picture of Leia in the class. The little girl on the wall reminded me of the mermaid in Tokidoki Jujube Sea Amo. Lol.

老师 says Leia is well-liked by the girl sitting next to her and she enjoyed the class especially the games. My girl nodded with a wide grin on her face.

I was further briefed on the class lesson plan and how the activties engage the students.

(Source: Kids Start Now)

Our P1 classes:

  • Constant oral and Show and Tell practice to help kids excel in school
  • Word recognition and writing exercises following MOE curriculum
  • Exercise to build strong foundation in Han Yu Pin Yin
  • Practice tests to prepare kids for school assessments
  • Reading Programme strengthens reading and vocabulary through animated storybooks
  • $510 for 12 lessons (2 hrs/week)

Decided to sign up as I get Leia’s affirmative response. After class, my little girl began to speak to me in Chinese with confidence. Elated when she said, “I want to go back again, it’s been a fun day for me!”

The centre is conveniently located near Bedok Mrt for at least 2 years. I wished I had signed up earlier.  Had a glimpse of the kindergarten class which seem really fun, Leia asked,”Why am I not in this class?”. Ops. Likely, I will enrol Kryston when he’s 3 years old.

Tea Break at The Tiramisu 

Sunday afternoon, Mil was out with us. When she suggested tea break, I thought of The Tiramisu Hero. Mil told her she’s been to the cafe twice with her friends. The owner happened to be Daughter of her Friend. Cool. 

Leia taking a picture of the hero of the day. 

My Creme Brûlée Latte was served in a very cute cup. I had asked about the price of the cup as it’s tempting to bring one home. The waitress told me it will be cheaper if I bring home the cup I used compared to brand new. New concept for me. 

Ordered the Lemon Lavender Tiramisu to try. It was bit too sweet for me and I didn’t get to taste Lavender. Still prefer Gastronomic Tiramisu. 

Shall try original flavour next time. We ordered Waffle Ice Cream too. The cream and truffle waffle tasted incredible 😊

Here’s my kids in the rocking horse. 

We will be back!

A bowl of baby snack 

One afternoon, hubby was taking his weekend naps and I accompanied the kids in the living room. At home, they are always together. 

This time, sharing a bowl of baby snacks as they watched tv. Leia didn’t mind that the baby snacks was a little bland, she enjoyed the sharing moment. 

Kryston is a foodie. Whenever he sees his Sister eating fruits, he would point and goes “Mom Mom” asking to have some. 

Also I observed that he would look at his Sister from time to time. They have been loving towards each other. 

My greatest reward in life is having them. 

Dinner & Durian 

Last weekend, we had a durian party family gathering at my place. Mil made the loveliest and delicious Siew mai at first attempt. 

Our table was filled with food and what made the dinner enjoyable was sharing the table with my family. Jasmine, my younger Sister works with my in-law and they have great relationship so are my parents with mil. 

Leia is close to my siblings too. They were more than just uncles and aunt to her. She talks to them like friends, played many games together whenever she stays at my mum’s place. 

These days with a great helper Lisa, we get to eat homecooked food most of the time. For dinner, we only dine out once or twice a week. 

The main highlight of this gathering was, Durian. 

Told my Brother about having durian party at my place. He got the durians from a reliable seller at Pasir Ris. The Mao San Wang durians were so popular, he had to call in and ask for the schedule of delivery. According to him, usually sold out within 2 hours. 

And we had the opportunity to savour the creamy, sweet, bitter durian with extremely thin seed. 

Do you know you can remove the durian smell from your hands simply by running water over the white inner shell to your hands ? 

My siblings were stunned and convinced by the experiment 😊

Chiffon Melody – Cousin Iris

Had an early birthday lunch with Cousin iris. Glad I ordered a customised chiffon Melody from my Friend, Ms Zhou. 

Cousin Iris was surprised and wowed by the cake. And knowing she was happy made me really happy. 

We have much in common such as love for Jujube. 

And lunch was at Watami. Japanese food is always a good idea. 

Cousin Iris didn’t want to let me pay for the bill and I insisted. Special day special treat. 

Many more cakes, nice lunches and happiness to come. 

Baby Shower Party – Apr 2017

One Saturday, we attended my Cousin’s Baby Shower Party at Jurong Safra. The function room makes a great venue for special occasion.

Cute tsum tsum micky theme. Next month I will need to prepare Kryston’s Birthday Party. Hmm I guess I will need dessert table which doubles as a photo booth too.

Gotten a Minnie Mouse Cupcake and Flower Cupcake.. I still like cream over fondant.

Leia gets to mingle with her extended cousins. Watched them grow from toddlers to primary school girls.

The buffet spread was brilliant and Glad to celebrate a joyous full month party of a handsome baby boy, Jace. Now we have more boys to join our big family.

On the way back in the car… Kryston was so excited over the balloon we took back from Party.

When he is in high spirits, he closes his eyes like this …! We called this “Cute Eyes”

Big Sister joined in for pictures with Grandma Audrey in the background. Bret told Leia “Your teeth are coming off and Didi is growing teeth.”

My loving girl who loves her little Brother. She said, “Kryston is the cutest in the world!”

Blogging this cutest moment and mummy loves you both soooo much !

Mansor D Cafe with B 

Sometimes, Best Friend B and I would do impromptu lunch together. I had strong cravings for my Favourite Nasi Padang at Far East Plaza. 

My kinda-Happy Meal. I love and cleared everything on my plate. The nasi(rice) & balachan chilli is exceptionally nice 👍🏻 I can hardly find another place comparable to this stall. 

Great place for Chilli-lovers. 

After this, I will need to adopt a much clean-er diet which means Minimise Fried Food, Meat & Carbo like White Rice, Yellow Noodle. After giving birth, my metabolism rate slows down and I have really stubborn water retention. The days of eating anything is over for me. 

A good friend has introduced an affordable vegetarian meal replacement and Chia seed. 

Something has got to change, am doing it.