Her Milestones

0 – 12 Months Old

13-24 Months Old

25 – 37 Months Old

38 – 40 Months Old

  • Watched movie, “Frozen”
  • Watched movie, “Lion Men”
  • Likes to sing “Do you want to build a snowman?
  • Likes to sing “Let it go”
  • Likes to see Lion Dance
  • Likes to play Hide & Seek
  • Likes to play Kitchen toy, Barbie doll and Doll House
  • Looks for “Neverland Pirate Jake”, “Curious George”, “Tao Shu” on youtube
  • Favourite drink, Orange Juice
  • Favourite Food, Spagetti
  • Favourite Fruit, Apple
  • Chooses her own clothes from wardrobe
  • Able to dress and undress herself
  • Able to brush teeth on her own
  • Proactive in keeping her toys
  • Helps to bake pineapple tarts and chocolate lava cake
  • Fussy with food, don’t like vegetables
  • Asked questions, “Are you sure?” & “Are you happy with me?”

3.5 – 3.9 Years Old

  • Watched movie, “Mr Peabody and Sherman”, “Planes 2 Fire & Rescue”
  • Watched live Disney performance, “Disney on Ice Treasure Trove”
  • Likes to sing “If we hold on together”, “Let it go”
  • Likes to play Xylophone
  • Likes to help mummy with housework
  • Likes to keep her belongings neat and tidy
  • Likes to do worksheets
  • Likes colouring
  • Likes Teacher Lesley
  • Likes Bubble Guppies
  • Likes My Little Pony
  • Likes Glitzy Globes
  • Looks for “Neverland Pirate Jake”, “Kai Lan”, “Bearestian Bear”, “Octonauts”, “My little Pony” on youtube
  • Favourite Fruit, Strawberry
  • Favourite Food, Spagetti & Japanese Food esp Tamago Maki
  • Favourite Disney Character, “Elsa” from Frozen
  • Favourite My Little Pony Character, “Twillight Sparkle”
  • Change into Pyjamas or Comfortable Wear without adult’s instructions
  • Puts away dirty clothings into laundry basket without adult’s instructions
  • Remind adults what we need to do
  • Peacemaker to Adults
  • Able to wash dishes on her own
  • Able to shampoo her hair on her own
  • Able to write few chinese characters
  • Able to read chinese reader books
  • Proactive in switching off the lights of rooms
  • Dislike beans
  • Plays Scooter (Y Glider)
  • Visit Science Centre
  • Visit Jurong Bird Park

4 years old

  • Watched “Penguin Magadascar”
  • Watched “Big Heroes 6”
  • Likes My Little Pony
  • Likes Kungfu Panda
  • Likes Puzzle
  • Likes to draw or write in the car
  • Plays Pirate King App
  • Ice-Skate at Velocity
  • Visit Legoland Hotel and Themepark
  • Able to read chinese characters
  • Able to read few words
  • Able to play twinkle little star on piano & xylophone
  • Speaks more mandarin
  • Prays to God
  • Loves and asked about God
  • Asked to Learn Violin
  • Asked to Learn Ballet
  • Learnt to swim with Arm Float
  • Attends Art Class with Friends Levonne, Geron and Germaine
  • Attends CMA, Enrichment Lesson on Abacus
  • Watched “Inside Out”
  • Travelled to Switzerland & Germany
  • Emirates A380
  • Tram Ride in Zurich
  • Ferry Ride along Zurich Lake
  • Train Ride to Engelberg
  • Visited Mount Titlis
  • Visited Paranomal Restaurant at Mount Titlis
  • Played with Snow at Mount Titlis
  • Stayed in Castle Hotel at Germany
  • Went Germany Metzingen Outlet Shopping

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