Wednesday in Bangkok 

On the third day of our trip, I woke up to make up and get ready for our brunch. In this trip, I brought along my Dior Make up. 

Face: Forever Perfect Cushion for semi-matte finish. The coverage is medium and having dry skin, I apply a rich moisturiser and primer before using the cushion.  

Wearing love bonito and heading Platinum Mall for brunch. I have heard much about the food court and personally, I find street food is better in terms of taste. 

Nevertheless, I will return to this food court again when I am back for shopping. 

Kryston 1st Flight 

This December Kryston gets to take his flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Using sky scanner, we manage to find an ideal rate for Singapore Airlines. Despite being parents for 7 years, it is our first experience bringing infant on-board. In fact, an active toddler.

We experienced 30mins flight delay due to bad weather. Kryston was a little cranky because we were kinda trapped in the waiting area.

Alas boarding plane…

Children’s meals were served shortly. Leia had some spaghetti which she didn’t finish.

And Kryston gets to enjoy some bun from his sister meal.

Chinese noodle meal.

Bret and I took turns to eat because Kryston was actively trying to walk around.

The little one was awake the whole time and refused to sit with mummy. There was no time for flight entertainment, my eyes were on Kryston throughout the flight. Here he is playing with bottle warmer given by the airline. Heinz bottled baby food was packed and given to me.

Hubby and I felt so relieved when the pilot announced the arrival of destination.

Besides our family of four, my parents, sister, in-law & her elder sister joined us. We brought our helper Lisa along with us too.

We walked out of the airport and hired a van to our hotel. 30mins later, we arrived. It was close to 9pm. We had a connecting room with in-law, aunt & Lisa while my parents & sister room were opposite us. I had requested during my booking, perfect arrangement by the hotel.

The room was spacious and modern. Everyone was pleased with the rooms.

Pardon the short video as we had to get ready to unpack and prepare for dinner  …..

Airline: Singapore Airline

Accommodation: Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel (5-10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall, have to walk an overhead bridge)

Transport: Limo Van, Taxi, Tuk Tuk (We encountered a morning tuk tuk scam but thankfully, no monetary loss except we had to walk a little longer to our destination.)

  • Have the hotel concierge to arrange the transport around the city especially if in big groups. We were able to request a limo van, a 2-way return trip to Yaowarat (Chinatown) from our hotel. The fees are reasonably fair and comfortable for all. When Hubby and I asked the concierge on how to go “Style Nanda Pink Hotel“, the staff searched the internet and advised us to take Tuk Tuk due to traffic and cost. He arranged for us and negotiate the price for us too.
  • When taking Tuk Tuk,  prepare small change like 20-50 Baht because the driver may say “No change” and passenger would have to pay 200 Baht instead of 150 Baht.
  • Avoid talking to over-friendly locals suggesting transport mode to your destination …. even if they are in uniform claiming to be in charge of a shopping centre or area. Likely they may bring you to a pretty remote expensive restaurant for food so that they can earn commission or … I can’t imagine further.

More blog posts on Bangkok trip at Dayre … Being a working mummy of 2, the interface at Dayre is much easier to journal my days using mobile. Hmmm



This morning as Bret and I were preparing ourselves for work in the bedroom, he smiled and turned to me, “Our air tickets and accommodations are confirmed”

Stunned for a moment as it is our first vacation where I don’t have to do anything! And I asked, “You have my passport details?” Suddenly my husband was looking more chaming than ever, he replied: “I took a picture of your passport 🙂 ” Something I will not expect him to do. Super grateful to his friends who are awesome guys and love Japan. I can sense that Bret is looking forward to the trip too.

So, that marks our countdown to a country I have always wanted to travel with him since I went Japan with my colleagues long time ago. For many reasons, I believe he will like Japan.

And right now, I wanna share this song with you. A song from the first Japanese drama I watched, “God, Please give me more time – Kamisama mousukoshi dake” A show that inspired me to be a great, loving mother to my children someday … at that time I was only … 14 years old.

It was the same year I knew Bret, who watched the drama with me. One of the best drama I’ve watched. Prepare a box of tissue if you decided to catch it.

Beauty and Skincare Routine: Germany & Switzerland 2015

In my Switzerland trip, I did eyelash extension and brought along the followings for my skincare and beauty routine.

  1. Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.19.43 pm

A luxurious cushion and my current favourite, using Medium Pink shade. Perfect for dry skin, excellent coverage. One of the ingredients in this elegant cushion, apricot oil promises to correct wrinkles, hydrates and brightens skin.

Using the applicator to lightly dap onto the anti-bacterial cushion, I noticed a healthy semi-matte finish. A little goes a long way. I only need 2 layers to even out my skin tone and at the time, protect my skin with SPF. Best of all, last for more than 10 hours. Having this cushion in this trip helped me achieved flawless coverage which was great for photos and saves me from touching up too.

As for cons… there is a herb scent and does not have the korean dewy look.

2. Estetica Sunshield

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.54.25 pm

On days where I want to protect my skin from the strong sun, I would apply the award-winning Estetica Sunshield instead of bb cushion. Using intelligent solar technology, the sunshield ensures my skin is moisturised and protected from harmful UV Rays. Works like cc cream, the white cream turns into tinted moisturiser as I gently apply the cream over my face. Does not clog pores and almost a daily use. An alternate to Sulwhasoo Cushion.

3. Innisfree Eye shadow Pencil

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.08.00 pm

After watching Korean Beauty Vlogger Pony video, I bought the cool brown eye shadow stick. As Pony mentioned, apply smoothly like cream and when they dry up, fix on lightly. I applied this on my lower eyelid and it does add volume and subtle shimmer to my eyes.

4. The Faceshop Ink Lipquid 

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.15.16 pm

Natural rosy pink on my lips. I love that it doesn’t stains cups when I sip. Color fades after 2-3 hours for me.

5. Innisfree Sheet Mask

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.27.46 pm

When it comes to travelling, I just want to do a quick cleansing with all-in-one Maione and then rest at night. So I only apply this Korea no. 1 Innisfree sheet mask in the morning to infuse my tired skin with much-needed nutrients. I brought Rose, Shea Butter and Strawberry Sheet Masks.

For skincare routine, I stick to my usual 2 steps. Innisfree Olive Cleansing Foam and Maione Youth Original Essence.

I wanted minimal steps for my skincare and beauty routine during travel and I did it 🙂

Day 11: Emotional Morning at Zurich, Switzerland

Friday morning, we were still sleeping and suddenly our door was opened slightly. Isabella had to go school and she said goodbye to us then, she suddenly came into the room to give Leia a kiss on her forehead. My girl was still sleeping with her eyes closed but I am pretty sure she felt the kiss.

When we woke up to get ready, Leia was behaving differently. She was naughtier. We had breakfast at migros supermarket before Cousin Evan send us to the Train Station that led us to Airport. Sending us off was emotional. Cousin Evan looked sad and she told us its feeling of living abroad and sending family members off. Deep in our hearts, we were feeling sad too but Leia and I tried hard not to well up our eyes with tears.

In this trip, Leia, Isabella and Clarissa shared a strong bond through tears and laughter. The girls were sad to be apart so were Cousin Evan and myself.

Here is my pretty cousin whom I am proud of.


If not for Cousin Evan and Ralph, we wouldn’t be able to explore Switzerland the way we did. She offered accomodation at her super child-friendly place and we were able to save and spend more on food as well as experience.


Before the train set off, Cousin Evan gave us warm, emotional hugs. I began to understand why Leia behaved negatively, with pouted lips she told me she was not willing to leave switzerland, not willing to leave Isabella & Clarissa. She misses Aunt Evan and family.

After the long journey back home, Leia was back in the bedroom. She held a crystal ball and I heard her, “I wish Isabella will stay in Singapore.”

Good news for us was Cousin Evan and family will return Singapore for 8 months 🙂 Countdown to their return. Missing them greatly. In this trip, we feel blessed to have our cousins as we travel and in many ways. God’s grace and hallelujah.

Love you Cousin Evan and family!

Day 10: Zurich, Switzerland

Cousin Evan brought us to a beautiful place for breakfast at the hotel by the lake. The hotel is near her place and is a sister company of Dolder Grand Hotel.


Self-service restaurant similiar to Singapore ikea restaurant concept. There is an outdoor playground for the kids to have fun before the food arrives.


The spring chicken smelled heavenly. Fish sticks and fries for the kids.


The pork stew was nice and on the right, it looks like pizza but its not. I have forgotten the name, one of the specialities.


Done with breakfast, Cousin Evan walked us to the park with a big playground made out of nature. There was much to explore. Lots of sensory activities with wood, sand and water.


Clarissa was the happiest. She loves rocking, the thrill and joy of manovuering the rocker to her desired speed.


We spent about an hour at the park for the kids to have fun before Cousin Evan brings us to the city for shopping. The destination was pretty clear. Hermes. Cousin Evan knows the staffs at the boutique and they love her children too. Leia and Isabella made themselves at home, eating cookies and playing hide and seek.


Cousin Evan has a hermes wallet which I thought was functional. A casual question for hubby, “should I?” and he agreed without hesitiation. Bret got me a wallet as a gift. Thankful 🙂 Our once in a while indulgence. Cousin Evan bought a short wallet in pink. Wooo… shopping is impromptu.

Stepped out of the boutique, we got the girls to pose for a memorable shot. This is one of the many funny poses they have.


Then we moved on to get more stuffs. He was asked to help a friend to get Louis Vuitton Shades.


To the girls, everywhere is playground. They were spotted playing hide and seek in the luxury boutique. I was hopping they will not mess up any display. Well, they were laughing a lot.


Finished shopping. We head over to the 5-star luxury castle hotel, Dolder Grand Hotel for cake and coffees.


If only we can stay for a night to enjoy the best spa experience. Maybe someday. Having Leia, we were not able to do spa. But we are most happy to visit the hotel with exquisite art pieces and flowers…


Then the moment… an early celebration with Isabella and Clarissa. Leia turns 5 years old in September and this video will be special to keep.

After the mini lovely celebration, Cousin Evan brought us to an authentic Japanese Restaurant in city. She learnt that Leia was craving for tamago sushi and she wanted to fulfill her wish. And wish granted!

Long day we had. We went home started packing our luggages. Cousin Evan lent us a luggage to bring back to Singapore. Finally, we were going back home!

Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children. No one will understand your crazy family like your cousins do even if you haven’t talk much lately. Cousins are connected heart to hear. Distance and time will never break them apart.”

When I was a kid, I used to have sleepovers at Cousin Evan’s place. She is like an elder sister to me bringing me around to swim, meet her friends. Now that we have our own family, we are far apart. And I spent my last night having super long heart-to-heart talk with Cousin Evan about family and everything…

Day 8 & 9: Stuttgart, Germany

After breakfast, Cousin Evan took the wheels and led us Germany, Stuttgart’s Factory Outlet known as Metzingen. Few hours passed, we checked into Schwanen Hotel. The design of the room was modern, smart and chic. Transparent shower glass just next to entrance door. 4-Star hotel providing several types of premium quality rooms styled with designer furnishings.


Unloaded our baggages, time to fill our stomach with food. Cousin Evan told us she always dine at the hotel restaurant whenever she is in Metzingen. We were ushered to a private comfy room where the kiddos can be themselves … loud and messy.

Cousin Evan and Bret ordered Pork for lunch. Delicious as it looks.


My chicken roll with zucchini was served as an art piece.


Hearty lunch we had. Our challenge was the kids. If we had visited the outlet city on friday, there is a kids camp where kids are occupied with a strings of activities is tailored especially to suit 3-12-year-olds. Super cool. However, Cousin Evan added that on weekends, Metzingen is heavily packed and there will be issues with parking.


And was time to hit the fashion streets of Metzingen. Didn’t take us long to agree with Cousin Evan, we can shop all day. IMG_8526

Here is the list of brands outlet. The first Hugo Boss factory started in Metzingen and now the outlet city is one of the most successful factory outlet in Europe. At Hugo Boss, Bret picked up several pieces at good price. Gotten a hugo boss top for my father too.


I didn’t spot anything at Michael Kors or Prada boutique.. instead I found 3 difference sized gym bags at addidas factory outlet. One of the bag was a steal.. it is versatile and doubles as a casual bag. Time flies, it was time for dinner. We returned to our hotel. We were given another private area of the restaurant.


The bread were served before. Beautiful rustic display.


In Europe, the restaurants are children-friendly. The kids placemats were colourful and our girls get busy with colourings.


Pretty girl, Isabella did a great job in colouring. She was focused and determined not to colour out of line.


Whenever Leia and Isbella get together, they play hard like boys. Anything around them can be a game. They are full of funny ideas even when it comes to taking photo. Amazing chemistry.

Our dearest tiny love, Clarissa. She mesmerised everyone with her smile and intelligence. Leia dotes on Clarissa very much.


I managed to take a video clip of Leia trying to put on hair clip for Clarissa. The 16 months old knew what was going on and she lets Leia help her with hair clip.

As for dinner, I ordered the steak with fried onions and spatzle.


Bret had monk fish. The texture tasted like scallops!


Finished dinner. It was time to retreat to the bedroom and rest for the night before we finalised our shopping spree at Metzingen.

In the morning of Day 9, we had breakfast with Cousin Ralph’s mother, sister and niece Antonnia. It was a warm and cozy meeting. The restaurant makes their own crossiant, absolutely tasty and lovely. After dinner, we continued shopping for hours. Any playground makes the girls happy.


My favourite was WMF store but limited items I can bring home. We helped Cousin Iris and her hubby to get Prada items then called it a day.

It was time to return Cousin Evan’s home for dinner.