Drama and Dreams

As parents of two young children, hubby worked hard to provide for his family while I juggled with flexible work, household and kids. On a working day, we look forward to finishing work and return home to our kids running to us with open arms. A typical evening at home includes family dinner, shower then lay in bed watching the kids laugh as they play or dance together. After 2-3 hours later, it was time for the kids to go to bed.

With the kids soundly asleep, Hubby would start our golden time, drama to chill and relax before we sleep. We kinda prefer Korean drama as we laugh off to the hilarious lines and enjoying the ost.

We have finished 2 good drama recently, “While you were Sleeping” by Lee Song Juk & Suzy. I think they look really compatible together. And I love this ost song by Eddy Kim.

The storyline is about a girl with the ability to dream future of people who get hurt and died. Deja vu. She got to know a prosecutor and a police officer who received the ability to dream the future after they crossed paths.

Dreams. Just how do they work.

Definition of dream:

1 : a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep. (By Wikipedia)

I have been dreaming almost everyday since I was a kid while Bret hardly dreams. In the past, I can have vivid dreams and would share the details with Best friend B but recently I can’t seem to remember my dreams. Aging memory I guess.


This year, Bret and I tried something different for the first time. We spent our first week travelling to Tokyo, Japan with 2 of his friends. There wasn’t much planning, we reached Japan and explored around freely.

So how was our trip? The word is relax.

For 8 days, Bret and I walked the streets of tokyo enjoying delicious bites and meals each time we rest at a cafe or eatery. On the average, we clocked 20,000 steps in a day which is impossible to reach back at home. Then several times a day, we savoured delicious Japanese-western food. And every night, we unwind with 2 hours of Drinks Buffet. At my “best night”, I had 5 glasses of whiskey, 2 hot sake bottles & 1 pint of beer.

Souls rejuvenated and all the walking in Japan made me a little slimmer. Travel drew us closer to his friends. We look forward to another trip with his friends next year.

This year-end we plan to bring the kids on a family vacation. Can’t wait!
Make up have been routine as I prefer to keep my cosmetics stash neat & simple. So in the pic is my everyday make-up wear.

Face: Sulwhasoo BB Cushion

Eyes : Kates Eyeshadow and Maybelline Eye Liner

Lashes : Dior IT Lashes Mascara

Cheeks: Bobbi Brow Coral Blush shade

Lips: Innisfree Eco Flower Balm

Updates: August 2017

It is 10pm, Sunday and I am blogging with my newly bought Lofree keyboard. The typewriter feel and sound inspires the writer to express better. Using Bluetooth, it is connected to my ipad. I have issues connecting it to my apple phone and MacBook Air. Went YouTube to look for solutions, not as successful so meanwhile, I will just stick to ipad. The lofree keyboard was in my gadget wish list for a couple of months. Did consider dropping the idea of getting it because of its price but I couldn’t resist when I saw a reasonable price I am willing to pay.

So where did I get it from? The answer: Carousell (a popularaddictive online marketplace for locals)

(Picture taken from Bored Panda)

For several months, I have been using Dayre to journal my daily life. It is convenient however I figured wordpress shall be a place where I can write longer post. Some updates about my life as a working mummy of two…

1. Getting Active

In the month of August, I started a proven weight loss program called TR90 from Nuskin. Gotten an intelligent weighing scale to know my metabolism rate, body age, visceral fat and body fat content too. It’s been 8 days and through the scale, I could see how my body reacts towards different activities and diet. So far, my metabolism rate is increasing because of the supplements and I noticed my body is not as bloated as before. Hubby was kinda amused when he saw some inches off my body, “Keep it up!”

In the TR90 program, I received a Nuskin Body Trimmer, exercise band and have been using it everyday to kickstart a regular exercise regime. Looked up YouTube videos to train myself. Being a working mummy, time is really tight and I just have to look for YouTube exercise video to start a 20minutes fat-burning session in the comfort of my room..and right after that, I can shower, then hug my little ones. Kryston and Leia, being kids love it when I give them my attention or just being around their radius. To be exact, its a vice versa feeling.

So besides the necessary vitamins to supplement a new green & less-meat diet, I have a fitness tracker device from Fitbit, to make sure I am walking more everyday. The device is then synced to AIA Vitality Program to earn points and get weekly challenge rewards. There is this additional punch of motivation and the satisfied feeling of achieving the target and get rewarded for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

At 30s, we grow up learning …”The greatest wealth is health.”

2. Leia’s Primary School Routine

This year, my little girl faced a brand new learning environment and education system. Together, we have to manage her weekly spelling tests, occasionally show and tell as well as school assessments tests. Many times, I wished I am a full-time mum where I can guide her in the afternoon everyday. This afternoon, I went through her assessments and considered if I should get her into student care. The reason I hesitated is that her primary school does not have a student care within the premise. We had a mother-daughter talk about student care. Leia did not like the idea and I showed her how to learn on her own. Looks positive. Hopefully, that works.

The level of stress as today’s Singaporean parent towards kid’s academic is beyond what I had imagined. Clearly, I was not prepared as I wanted my child to enjoy learning more than getting good grades.

3. Kryston, my boy

Being a boy mum was something I didn’t expect. Although I knew Bret have always hoped for a boy somehow, maybe he is traditional or looking forward to playing soccer with his own son. Yet in my case, I kinda knew girls always yearned to have a sister. So I wasn’t expecting a boy. Either girl or boy are god-sent miracle to me. This evening, Leia asked me earlier, “Can I have another sibling?” The thought of #3.. Bret is not as keen, his answer ‘I don’t’ mind…” I am concerned about the space at home and … the agony of having to go through the stressful local academic system where going to school is often not enough. Tuition is needed etc. It is not just about the financial part, but I dread the idea having family quality time on weekends replaced by enrichment classes even if it’s only a few hours. To me, I value the essence of family quality time as doing simple, fun or new activities together. Making family time a beautiful memory that stays forever. And many times, weekends are short.

ok.. I side tracked.. back to Junior Khoo. He took his first few steps at 13 months old but feared falling down. It was until, towards the end of 14 months old, he realized he is able to take on more steps without falling down. One evening he began to practice walking on his own with a particular starting and ending point. The moment he fell, he crawled back to starting point and practiced again. He had a system and displayed determination. With applause and cheers, he gained the confidence to walk on his own. Now that he has learned to walk, we are busier having to watch the curious toddler.

At home, he is the noisiest… followed by Leia. He is able to address his family members “Papa, Mama, Ah Ma and teh-teh(jiejie” We heard him saying “Birds, Ba(Bus), Ball, There, Done” In this weekend, he blabbers constantly trying to express himself in a foreign language. Mimicking adults, Kryston is showing more hand gestures as he “talks”. So that concludes my expressive boy. As of now, he loves the sight of Leia dearly and identifies her as someone fun. He follows her around and laughs whenever she does something silly for him. If Leia gets scolding and cries, his eyes turn red welling up with tears. Emphatic little man.

So far, Kryston milestones were on track except feeding. My helper and his grandmothers spoon fed him all the time. So used to being fed, he is reluctant to feed himself. When I tried guiding him, he rejected the idea. I am trying to intervene because I was able to train Leia to feed herself at 10 months old. But this time, it is tough as I have to work during his lunch time. Till he is ready…

4. Parenting with Hubby

We have ample of time together as a married couple. Sometimes, it is quite hard to believe we are married for almost 8 years…On weekdays we would meet up with friends and weekends reserved for kids. Whenever he sees our kids, he just grins widely opening his arms to hug them. Something I am thankful for, he is a hands-on father who trims their nails, plays different games with Leia and teaches her school work. He dotes on both but I think in time he may not have the time to guide Kryston like he does with Leia. Not that he doesn’t want to, just my prediction.

Next week, we will be traveling without our kids. Gonna miss them so much. The thing about traveling as parents.

Alright, it’s late now… gotta turn in. Goodnight.

August me

A month ago, I noticed my face was so round I need to do something. By chance, I found a therapist who does lymphatic massage & she highlighted that my facial jaw was lower and it does happens as we age. So with her magic fingers, she helped me to achieve a contour, slimmer face.

For daily maintenance, I went on to purchase Refa for Body to work on the water retention on my face & baby. It's very easy to use and absorbs solar light to emit microcurrent for firming & blood circulation.

The right photo angle and beautifying app gave me an pretty v-shape face.

Somehow, I like this picture 🙂

Backache … 

It’s Saturday close to 4pm now. I am homely, lying in bed feeling the occasional backache. Having a toddler in bed every night also means disrupted sleep. My backache is caused by poor sleeping posture as I reach over to my boy when he seeks comfort.

Usually, at this time I will go through some assessment books with Leia but today my back hurts and I need to rest in bed. If only have time, I would have head to the Chinese bonesetter or massage to ease the discomfort.

This afternoon we watched The Boss Baby at home & playing the new train toy. Lisa is helping to tend the kids now as I rest. By my bedside, I have water with Chia Seed.

Bret commented in a slightly worried tone, “Your mug looks expensive, is it ??” I was surprised that he could tell and I just smiled to him and looked away, hoping to change the subject. Got it during Le creuset sales, they were having 1-for-1 so the damaged was not too bad.

Our latest toy in the house, a magnetic train toy from Hape. I got it from Baby Fair at Suntec yesterday. And it was a Long day with my Best Friend. We did quite a list interesting stuff together including super long & late supper with common friends.

Friday night ended 3am and explains my current zombie mode. Although we rarely end our night beyond midnight as Bret and I cannot help feel guilty towards my kids next day. Our much-needed rest replaced the quality time with them. Though in bed, I managed to schedule some fun & playdate for Leia.

Mum-life balance

June 2017 

Once in a while maybe a week or month, I find myself taking selfie in the car to entertain myself. Either I am waiting for a carpark lot or someone. 

In this picture, I was waiting for Bret to park his car. 

Wearing Fresh Kon Brilliant Brown contact lenses gave me a softer look. 

Highly reccomend the following camera-photo apps from App Store: 

  • Beauty Plus App (I told my friends you will look 5 years younger with the auto contour & auto remove wrinkles feature) 
  • Make up Plus App (great for mummies who are too busy & tired to wear make up)
  • Meitu App (has a very useful feature to remove photo bomber) 

Have fun 🙂