August me

A month ago, I noticed my face was so round I need to do something. By chance, I found a therapist who does lymphatic massage & she highlighted that my facial jaw was lower and it does happens as we age. So with her magic fingers, she helped me to achieve a contour, slimmer face.

For daily maintenance, I went on to purchase Refa for Body to work on the water retention on my face & baby. It's very easy to use and absorbs solar light to emit microcurrent for firming & blood circulation.

The right photo angle and beautifying app gave me an pretty v-shape face.

Somehow, I like this picture 🙂

Backache … 

It’s Saturday close to 4pm now. I am homely, lying in bed feeling the occasional backache. Having a toddler in bed every night also means disrupted sleep. My backache is caused by poor sleeping posture as I reach over to my boy when he seeks comfort.

Usually, at this time I will go through some assessment books with Leia but today my back hurts and I need to rest in bed. If only have time, I would have head to the Chinese bonesetter or massage to ease the discomfort.

This afternoon we watched The Boss Baby at home & playing the new train toy. Lisa is helping to tend the kids now as I rest. By my bedside, I have water with Chia Seed.

Bret commented in a slightly worried tone, “Your mug looks expensive, is it ??” I was surprised that he could tell and I just smiled to him and looked away, hoping to change the subject. Got it during Le creuset sales, they were having 1-for-1 so the damaged was not too bad.

Our latest toy in the house, a magnetic train toy from Hape. I got it from Baby Fair at Suntec yesterday. And it was a Long day with my Best Friend. We did quite a list interesting stuff together including super long & late supper with common friends.

Friday night ended 3am and explains my current zombie mode. Although we rarely end our night beyond midnight as Bret and I cannot help feel guilty towards my kids next day. Our much-needed rest replaced the quality time with them. Though in bed, I managed to schedule some fun & playdate for Leia.

Mum-life balance

June 2017 

Once in a while maybe a week or month, I find myself taking selfie in the car to entertain myself. Either I am waiting for a carpark lot or someone. 

In this picture, I was waiting for Bret to park his car. 

Wearing Fresh Kon Brilliant Brown contact lenses gave me a softer look. 

Highly reccomend the following camera-photo apps from App Store: 

  • Beauty Plus App (I told my friends you will look 5 years younger with the auto contour & auto remove wrinkles feature) 
  • Make up Plus App (great for mummies who are too busy & tired to wear make up)
  • Meitu App (has a very useful feature to remove photo bomber) 

Have fun 🙂 


I’ve not been updating on wordpress blog as much as I used to… its much easier to document my life with kids on Dayre ! Its different from usual blogs. Initially, I dread using the app but as I figured out the functions, I find it really convenient to use.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 11.18.32 pm

A great online platform to make new friends too. Cya there~

In New Car 

This year, we have a second car. One of our bucket list checked. Took me a while to get used to the seating and leg spacing. 

Drove to a corporate Chinese New Year lunch where I had to wait for a carpark lot so …it’s selfie time since I had nothing to do. 

I need a new work bag although I have many of Jujube Tokidoki bags. Told myself to restrain from overbuying but… too cute to resist. 

Friendship also becomes more special when you have friends who shared sentiments towards the happy bags. The price is affordable but not atm-friendly when you start collecting… 

Need to work Super hard for my family, future and collectibles. 

I wish…

In my background, I’m listening to Yuna’s Lullabies comfortably lying in bed as I blog. Finally, I’ve time and … inspiration to write something about my thoughts. Having a newborn and working at the same have made me busier than ever. Time is just not enough. Whenever I’m nursing Kryston or playing with him, I wished countless times… I don’t have to work..

Two decades ago, I was a kid and I wished .. my parents would buy me all the toys I love. Like Polly Pocket. In kindergarten, I made friends and learnt childhood games like hopscotch, catching, zero point and I wished… I could play with my friends as long as I want. Grew a little older, I had to start school on a serious note and I wished … for freedom to sleep longer and just watch my favourite cartoons on tv. In my teens life, I began to read magazines like Teenage, Her World, Cleo… was it the magazine? I began to wish… I know who is my Mr Right. Very soon, I met Bret at age 14 not knowing he’s gonna be my lifetime partner… Incredibly comfortable with each other, it was hard to leave each other. Finished education, I was determined to have a career and wished …to be self-employed. Years into work life, I wished … to travel around the world so I could shop out of sg & unwind from work stress. Reached mid-20s, Bret and I have loved each other for 12 years… time to tie the knot. Finally married to Bret , I wished …. for a lovely house for our family. And we moved from houses to houses. Then the amazing moment, I was pregnant and I wished.. for my baby to be safe and healthy. Leia, my beautiful little girl came into our life. The surreal feeling of being a first time parent. Bret and I had much more to learn and work on our patience. By the time Leia entered preschool, we wished …. for a baby sibling to play with her. 6 years later, Kryston, our youngest family member arrived, Bret and I fell in love again.

As a mum in my early 30s now, I wish…. I can just focus on my children. They need me as much as I need them.

Holding their little hands, hugging and sniffing them completes me.

Food for Thoughts

Haven’t been blogging as I was busy with the closing of my company financial year in November as well as hiring new staff for our business. I still bring my parents out for lunch treats every now and then whenever I accomplished an achievement in my career.

Surprised my folks with a treat to Thai Village at Kallang Stadium, they were more than happy. Another week, I brought them to Ju Shin Jung for Korea Bbq. They fell in love with the black pork collar, ginseng chicken soup and side dishes at my favourite korean restuarant.

Seeing the glow on my parents face brought me warmth. They couldn’t help but take pictures of the food to remember the good times. Growing up with the love of parents, bringing them to new places or their favourite places for meal is just one of the things I can do to make them happy. There is no need to wait for special occassions to bring parents out or do something they like 🙂

My mum told me I have chosen the right career paths in gaining meaningful satisfaction and achieve work-life balance. She is glad that I can bring them out in during off peak hour and spent quality time with them. It came naturally for me to see the need to look ahead if you have to make decision that is going to bring a turning point in life. My reason for being self-employed was cyrstal clear since graduation, to have quality time with people I love…friends or family and … the freedom to grow my business.

At 22, I joined the workforce and I knew at then I do not want to live my weekdays with office politics, seeking approval for annual leave and most of all, I don’t like changing jobs or companies. I want to stay committed to a lifelong career, spend time with my parents when they retire, travel whenever I want to, get together with my friends even after having my own family.

Vision is important to me and I tend to visualise the actions and resources needed in the process before making an impactful decision. After drafting the plan in mind, I learnt from people who had succeeded and then get things moving.

Along the journey of making every little dream come true, I am thankful to be blessed with the kindest, supportive friends and family members who will always be there for me.