Baby Kryston

Although Kryston is getting really close to 1 year old, he’s on the smaller side like 8 months old baby. Carrying him, we have said to him, “You look like a baby!” Isn’t much of concern to us as we looked at his limbs, he’s likely to grow tall like daddy. 

A week before he turns 1 year old, Kryston finally learnt to clap his hands & knows when to clap when we sing “If you happy and you know”. Weeee ! He enjoys being read to & recognises play, revealing his four teeth each time he laughs heartily. 

It’s been a breeze feeding him meals. Baby led weaning doesn’t work well for him and I’m fine with it. I’m not really comfortable with the potential choke and gags experience in BLW. I’ve tried to let Kryston practice feeding himself… yet conclusion is he prefers to be served. Taking it slow as I know I can’t rush. When it’s time, he will pick up fork and spoon to feed himself.

Having number two, parents get a chance to make things better than first. I find myself more relaxed with his milestones progress. Slower than Leia but steady… he gets there. 

As of now, he’s still not able to stand on his own. He refused to go hands-free as he knows he is not ready. My wonderful helper lisa is training him every morning to help him reach a new milestone or attained a new skill like knowing where is his ears, face etc. So far, he has unlocked most of his milestone achievements for his age. 

Everything all good 🙂

Banana Blueberries Muffin (Part 2) 

Afternoon tea break with my little ones. We served the freshly baked sugar-free muffin to Kryston on EzPz mat.

Was curious how would he handle the muffin with his bare hands.

Lots of crumbs as he squeezed and squashed the Muffin in his little hands.

He loves the taste and texture so much, he used the back of his hand to prevent Muffin cramps from coming out of his mouth.

Introduced fork and he held it like he’s brushing his teeth.. hmmm

Enjoying the smell of banana muffin

He was able to hold the fork well and fed himself 😊  Good Job!

About Kryston, he does not have the tendency to put objects into his mouth… and dubious even when it comes to food. The little foodie will ask for food if he sees Leia or adults eating the particular food usually fruit or bread.

Sugar-Free Banana Blueberries Muffin – Approved by Kryston !

Tea Break at The Tiramisu 

Sunday afternoon, Mil was out with us. When she suggested tea break, I thought of The Tiramisu Hero. Mil told her she’s been to the cafe twice with her friends. The owner happened to be Daughter of her Friend. Cool. 

Leia taking a picture of the hero of the day. 

My Creme Brûlée Latte was served in a very cute cup. I had asked about the price of the cup as it’s tempting to bring one home. The waitress told me it will be cheaper if I bring home the cup I used compared to brand new. New concept for me. 

Ordered the Lemon Lavender Tiramisu to try. It was bit too sweet for me and I didn’t get to taste Lavender. Still prefer Gastronomic Tiramisu. 

Shall try original flavour next time. We ordered Waffle Ice Cream too. The cream and truffle waffle tasted incredible 😊

Here’s my kids in the rocking horse. 

We will be back!

A bowl of baby snack 

One afternoon, hubby was taking his weekend naps and I accompanied the kids in the living room. At home, they are always together. 

This time, sharing a bowl of baby snacks as they watched tv. Leia didn’t mind that the baby snacks was a little bland, she enjoyed the sharing moment. 

Kryston is a foodie. Whenever he sees his Sister eating fruits, he would point and goes “Mom Mom” asking to have some. 

Also I observed that he would look at his Sister from time to time. They have been loving towards each other. 

My greatest reward in life is having them. 

Baby Shower Party – Apr 2017

One Saturday, we attended my Cousin’s Baby Shower Party at Jurong Safra. The function room makes a great venue for special occasion.

Cute tsum tsum micky theme. Next month I will need to prepare Kryston’s Birthday Party. Hmm I guess I will need dessert table which doubles as a photo booth too.

Gotten a Minnie Mouse Cupcake and Flower Cupcake.. I still like cream over fondant.

Leia gets to mingle with her extended cousins. Watched them grow from toddlers to primary school girls.

The buffet spread was brilliant and Glad to celebrate a joyous full month party of a handsome baby boy, Jace. Now we have more boys to join our big family.

On the way back in the car… Kryston was so excited over the balloon we took back from Party.

When he is in high spirits, he closes his eyes like this …! We called this “Cute Eyes”

Big Sister joined in for pictures with Grandma Audrey in the background. Bret told Leia “Your teeth are coming off and Didi is growing teeth.”

My loving girl who loves her little Brother. She said, “Kryston is the cutest in the world!”

Blogging this cutest moment and mummy loves you both soooo much !

First Thing in the Morning 

Once in a while, mil would bring Leia to her Big Aunt’s place for sleepover. My girl will be thrilled on this day because she gets to bunk in with her first playmate, Jesslyn. And now that we have Kryston who loves her so much, he seemed a bit sad to know big Sister will not be home. 

Leia noticed the gloomy look on Kryston & cheered him, “I promise I will hug you first thing when I am back in the morning.” 

Next morning… we heard the door opened and Leia gave her baby Brother a hug. So fast I didn’t get to take a picture. Siblings Promise fulfilled. 

Kryston held onto his sister’s hand. Clearly, it was a precious sight. 

Leia began to read to him and he continues to held onto her as he used the other hand to reach out the soft book. 

They are 6 years apart yet Leia is the first and only who can make Kryston laugh out loud. When he’s in the mood for play, his eyes widened with excitement the moment he sees Leia. 

Leia loves to hug Kryston and I hope she will remember the many milestones of her baby Brother. 

Love them both. 

Library Books Basket

Books, a wonderful bonding activity with my children as we “teleport” ourselves into different world. We get to learn new things. discuss the illustrations, characters and storyline together. Hubby is not one who reads but our children takes after me. 

Here is my Library Books Basket & newly bought Craftholic. 

Kryston’s favourite, “Postman Bear” by Julia Donaldson is a book he wants to be read to every night. He has acquired the skill of “Lift-the-Flap” and soon, tear the flap 😂 

Previously, my helper would place the books in our book shelves and I had to seek high and low for the library books due for return. Decided to label the basket so that my helper and Leia knows exactly where to place the library books in our house. 

Now it’s a breeze to locate and return the books 🙂