Sea Amo at Aquarium 

Tokidoki-Jujube bags make me want to bring my kids out often. Dear vbff surprised me with Sea Amo Hobobe. Wasn’t love at first sight but it’s so amazing in real. Tokidoki is truly a brilliant art that brings happiness and joy to mummies & babies.

With Sea Amo, I decided to bring my kids to Sea Aquarium.

Jujube slogan, “Smart Bags for Smart People”. I was able to pack diaper & feeding needs in it. At the moment, I still prefer Hobobe for day trip and in Leia’s Fairytella Minibe, I have tula blankets and stuffs I couldn’t put in my hobobe.

Educational too, I pointed out the sharks mermaids and sea creatures to my baby boy.

Reached our destination, Sentosa. Feels like tourist. Bret babywear his boy in Tula Emulsion. It’s so comfortable for hubby, the record was 5 hours babywear at zoo trip.

Look at the stunning Sea Amo Hobobe at the aquarium. For Sea Amo, I really like the mermaids but the donutella in bubble steals mummies’ hearts. I don’t have the donutella so added my own version, Donutella Fobs!

When I was a kid, my parents would take my siblings and me to the zoo, animal farms, Sentosa and Parks. Now it’s my turn to create memories for my children. In Singapore, there’s plenty of children activities and places to visit… Long list and yet to visit all.

Then we saw the Glowing Candy Floss.. with a $7 price tag. Little girl had her wish-of-the-day granted.

Leia admiring her Glowing Candy Floss.

So Long as I can still afford and you’re happy my dear 😅

Kryston was sleeping the whole time. We were enjoying being away from home and bringing science to life looking at the sea animals …

Touching the star fish and sea cucumbers…

An opportunity to view animals up close, see their habitat and behaviour in the sea.

Homely hubby understands the need to bring our kids out. I think he enjoys baby wearing and agrees to almost anywhere I proposed these days.

More to come !

Our London Trip – 2016 

September is Leia’s birthday month & we get to travel together again. Flight to London was 13 hours and we took Singapore Airlines. My girl asked to sit next to window so she could look down from the sky.

We played Memory Game on plane. One of her all-time Favourite game. Her instinct is pretty strong. Leia won !

On 1st night, we arrived late. Rested at a hotel located at Westminister. I requested for late checkout. 2nd day we took a walk … passed by Big Ben, London eye. Walked to Trafalgar Square where National Gallery is and Leicester Square, a place known for musical theatres. With limited time to explore London, we skipped musical.

The afternoon we check in Amba Marble Arch Hotel, we received a pleasant surprise! The hotel has excellent location & service is remarkable.

London has many museums & we went to Transport Museum at Covent Garden. It was a weekday and before the doors were opened, we saw a long queue of parents & kids.

Travelling on our own, I became her guide. Learning together.

3rd day, we took the Shopping Express Coach to the factory outlet, Bicester Village pronounced as “Bis-ter Village”. I bought clothings for my girl & boy. For myself I only got a pair of ugg boat. It was rainy but we just have to get the “ice cream bouquet”.

Beautiful & Delicious !

Spent our day at Bicester village and dinner was Four Seasons Restaurant, Bayswater. Returned to Oxford street, we explored the shopping Malls. Being parents, we found ourselves going to toy departments at the shopping mall.

London has many pubs and many told us we need to try their Fish & Chips! Very crispy and great to go along with beer. Leia loves the fish & chips.

5th day… Due to tight schedule, we missed out Borough Market so we went Camden Market. Had our breakfast at Cereal Killer Cafe. Bret thought I meant “Serial Killer Cafe” lol

The concept was cool & fun.

I ordered the cocktail cereal, Double Rainbow. Gosh, tasted really yummy. Bret and I were in awe.

Resting on sun bench in the middle of Camden, the Stable Market. Weather was cold & feels good to sit down & get some sun. Vitamin C for skin.

We did some shopping at Camden Market. Busy street of local crowd. It’s a unique market.

We were the very few Chinese at Camden Market. A place for weekend chill out, coffee

And shopping. Bret actually took home a pair of Aldo Shoes at good price. Leia found donuts which reminds me of Donutella.

Next day, I told them we have to visit one of the Royal Parks. Cousin Evan who studied in London university told me the locals and herself prefer Regent Park to the biggest Hyde Park. So here we are.

Father & Daughter catching Pokemon… in London.

Getting close to nature

Looking at different spieces of birds. Can you see the white swan? In Singapore, we have to pay to enter farms & zoo. In the Royal park, it’s free. Bret saw a squirrel when he was sitting down at the pavilion.

After Regent Park, we went Harrods. It was big & luxurious. Food hall was eye opener but we went out of Harrods and lunched at a cafe.

Back at Harrods, I didn’t take any picture because I was busy looking around. Bought a Harrods Tote for my mum & spent rest of time window shopping. Priority of trip was not to spend on luxury but experience London with family.

6th day… there’s Primark, quality products with amazing price tag. Yes we need a basket and it’s not enough. The 2-storey Primark is just opposite our hotel.

If we had more time & space in our luggage, there would be more bags of loots.

Another must-try in London, Burgers & Lobsters. Leia had Lobster Roll 🙂

Bret and I had a 2 pound lobster each. Best meal ever.

Our happy family meal

At night, Bret catch up with his secondary school Friend Steven who was also in London for holiday.

Leia joined her friends in their room for some playtime.

Next day, we had a Royal Day Out with my Friend & her family. Took a London bus to the Queen’s Palace.

The gentlemen in the bus. In London, Octopus Card is used for tap in. There’s no tap out and not possible to use cash.

Tickets collected, time to walk in the palace. We went through several security checks.

Enjoying ice cream during our break

Due to rush hour, we brisker through the beautiful & big palace. Took a London cab to hotel for rest before toy shopping at Selfridges & Co. Leia & her friends walking down London street.

Delighted to bring home some toys.

We rest again before our last dinner at London. I suggested Gold Mine Restaurant as I was highly recommended to try roasted duck in London. The other restaurant serving Roasted Duck is Four Seasons which Bret & I tried on second evening. Both different from London Fat Duck restaurant in Singapore.

We didn’t make reservation, waited a little while. The food were served fast.

All the dishes were delicious. The little girls finished everything in their bowl. My Friend agreed that the duck was good. Bret and I felt Gold Mine is better.

And that marks the end of our London trip. We arrived Heathrow airport at 8am…

Back in Singapore, I will need to place order for her cake & get party favours for her party in school soon.

I’ve been hoping to get a matching bags for Mother & Daughter. Leia likes the tokidoki series.

Donutella Sweet Shop is so pretty. I have a grab & go Jujube Be Light which I used it for weekend. Jujube Mini Be is great for kids but the tokidoki Donutella Sweet Shop & newly launched Kaiju City prints are no longer available on retail. Sellers on Carousell or Facebook Jujube group has marked up to make profit because of its popularity…

My helpful cousins have helped me to order Kaiju City Hobobe & Be Sporty. Mini Be was out of stock fast. If there’s miracle, hope to get her a Mini Be at the right price & right print placement 🙂

Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas with Leia – 2015

Saturday is our ideal day to bring Leia out for fun and explore new places. After Parents-Teacher meeting at Mindchamps, Bret and I took our girl to Singapore Art Musuem. I love to see her getting all excited for our destination.


In total, there are 4 levels of Art Galleries. At first level, Bret and I saw Art and Leia saw Playground with “Tetris Blocks”


She had much fun here. Managed to video her happy moment, Tetris.


We proceed to other levels and saw Band of Doodlers… lots of doodling on the walls surrounding the staircase.


We entered the first gallery watching short animated movies by local students. After the movie, we did Arts and Crafts at another gallery. The plan, make our very own pom pom.


Leia was focused trimming her pom pom.


Mother and Daughter had enough fun. It was time for Bret to get into action. He peddled on the bicycle and we saw “stars”.


Another bicycle, we heard sounds as he peddled.


The next level was my favourite, Candy Land.

Into the candy house, Leia had her hands on the glittering sweet wrappers.

When we looked up, we saw this stunning light made of sweet wrappers.

Behind Candy house was… Art. Pure White with sweet wrappers details.

Leia asked if we can bring the tree home. A unique playground for children and perfect place for parents who love picture moments.

Nice. Next was a level to mystical world.

We saw big boxes of themes. Each boxes has an adventourous theme.

Here is one with glow in the dark colours.

Check out the video of another box which we visited.

All in all, we were overwhelmed with wholesome of Art & creativity. Lots of “new” for us. And just outside the musuem were swings.

Family bonding with Art. Might want to return again.

For more details, visit their website here.

Singapore Art Musuem

71 Bras Basah Road,

Singapore 189555

Opening Hours:

Daily Mon- Sun:                      10am – 7pm

Free Entry on Friday:               6pm  – 9pm

Tel: +65 65899 580

Imagainarium is available at SAM, 8Q from now till 19 July 2015!

Meeting the Pohs

There’s a saying “As we grow older, we tend to have lesser friends” Mainly because of working hours & family. For most couples with kids, quality time for two is already a struggle. Yet, social life keeps us more than being alive and one of the secrets for lasting relationships, is having common friends.

From time to time, we would meet up with our dear friends, Glenn & family.  Upon hearing our sudden arrival on friday night, Levonne happily said “Leia my favourite.”


The trio are so comfortable playing together. Glenn hopes they will continue to be in such great relationship even when they grow up. I am sure they will treasure their childhood friendship.


Geron is a jovial boy with a contagious smile. Being the only boy, he finds his way through to blend in with the girls. He is getting better at it now. The kids had another great time together, so did us.

Before leaving the Poh’s, the kids questioned when can they meet each other again.

Soon I hope 🙂

Fishy Business

When it comes to weekday morning, Leia is the last to wake up.  On weekend, Leia is the first to wake up. I suppose she knows there is no school and she would get busy in her playroom before coming to me for breakfast.

Bret and I agreed that outdoor play is important for our girl. And last saturday we went Big Splash, East Coast Park for longkang fishing.


There were not much fishes hence more challenging. Both father & daughter in action.

Now the fishes are home in the tank.  Three of us would check on the fishes from time to time. We changed water and fed them bread. Relax ourselves by watching the fishes swim and nibble their food.

Happiness start from home.

Precious Moment

Today Best Friend B accompanied me to run a work errand. She drove! We spent 2 good hours but still not enough. Instead of rushing back from town, my parents helped us to pick both leia and shevon from Mindchamps. Around 530pm, I rang up my mum and Leia answered the phone. The happy voice said, “Shevon is in our car now.”

At Mcdonald, best friend B and I gotten ourselves sundae ice cream and had a chat about family life. When it was time, she drove us to my mum place. Before Beelian and I pressed the doorbell, we could hear my mum playing with the two little girls. Shevon told her mum that she loves the “leia house” so much.

There was so much fun in the house. Beelian looking blissful as she thanked my mum fetching Shevon & bought donut for her little girl  to eat in the car.

Leia & Shevon were playing catching running around the house and also pretending to be cashier & customers. The girls are exactly 6 months apart but born in different year. B & I watched the little playmates with thankful hearts.

God’s Grace. Thank you lord for blessing us with amazing Best Friends moment.

Xmas Party for Kids 2014

Our 1st Christmas party was held at my place. Mainly for the children to gather and have fun.

The last minute potluck turned out to be very successful. Before my guest arrive, I only had cookies & log cake .


After they turned up, the table was filled with xmas feast.


Best friend B brought roast chicken, ham & strawberries. Glenn and his wife showed up with pork ribs, pork knuckle, tomatoes & pizzas. Agnes bought buffalo wings & meat balls. Amazing spread.

Leia was really looking forward to play with her friends.


Year after year, my friends and I watch our children playing and growing up together.


This year, we have two new additions. Baby Caleb & Baby Lucien. Both good-looking boys.

For the children, there were many things to be happy about. Being around each other, surrounded by toys in the playroom, laughing & giggling among themselves and presents!

Instead of drawing lots, Agnes suggested a race for presents.


Children loves running and they see it as a game. Leia gotten her xmas wish list, monopoly junior 🙂

It was a brilliant start for our christmas.