Cool Mint Viennetta 

Being working mum, I just want to dash back home to my kids after work. Me-time or spa time is pretty much history or have come become rare to me. Used to do regular groceries shopping with Bret until I tried Red Mart. I appreciated the convenience of clicking and have my groceries delivered to home. Goodbye to days where I have to carry the heavy duty items like rice, milk powder or detergents & etc

Last afternoon, my Red Mart order was delivered. One of the item, Viennetta Ice Cream. 

The Color of the box goes so well with Le Creuset Cool Mint stoneware. I will always remember the commercial I watched when I was a kid. Through the commercial, I learnt the concept of luxury. Successful commercial. 

Beautiful curls… Bret loves peppermint and our first time trying. Minty and Super cool. 

Yummy dessert. 

Saturday Shopping

Bret drove us to Plaza Singapura for lunch & shopping. To my typical husband, window shopping is out of the question as he is only keen in accomplishing his objective.

Today was special. He was less persistent about returning home after we cleared our buying list. Happy me.


When Bret told me his legs were tired, I initated a coffee break. Instead of Starbucks, he was more interested in ice cream, Marble Slab Creamery !


We had Rocher & Strawberry. Ice cream was so-so, waffle was kinda stiff and ordinary.


In this trip, all three of us bought something home and we managed to enjoy some savings from John Little sales.

Will share my loot in coming post.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Bret asked, “What would you like to have for Mother’s Day?” In that instance,白沙海鲜’s stir-fry lala surfaced in my mind. So in the evening, we went to the unexpected jam-packed Changi Village to have my lala. Slurp!

After dinner, we strolled along the “Brand New” Happening Changi Village. There was a Live Band just next to the Food Centre! Also, plenty of new cafes popped up so Bret and I decided to see-see look-look.

Had wanted to try Bunny & Pony but indoor was packed & Bret cannot comprehend the idea of having smoking tables at outdoor area. Certainly, no-no for kids so we walked back & found a lovely cafe, A Spoonful of Sugar.


Sincere customer service & thumbs up for the decor from ceiling to walls.


After ordering our desired ice cream flavour, Leia called out, “I want to sit next to the rainbow!” I was like “What rainbow?”


Leia requested Strawberry Sundae & Bret preferred hers to my scoop of Butterscotch. He had a hard time getting her to share. I managed to capture their expressions when Bret took a spoonful of strawberry sundae from her cup. Leia declared, “Papa, No sharing.”


My take on the ice cream, creamy texture and not too sweet. Flavour wise, it was alright. Being a gelato fan, 320 Below is still my favourite place for ice cream.

Of late, its becoming a routine for us to have ice cream after dinner. Happiness over calories.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Blk 4 Changi Village Road
#01-2072 Singapore
Tel: 6542 4244
Closed on Monday

One Sweet Afternoon

Met up with my dear friend, Melissa. Lunch was delifrance followed by ice cream moment. We wanted to rekindle our secondary school days having “Earthquake” at Swensons but somehow we ended up at Haggen Dazz where it is quieter.

This is Seven Heavens. Similar to Earthquarke, there is dry Ice effect.

ice cream

Love the catch up, ice cream and fresh fruits 🙂

Dinner at The Hideout

Before we head home from Universal Studio, dinner was settled at The Hideout.
I had Carbonara. When served at table the aroma of bacon and cheese was lingering in the air. Couldn’t wait any longer so I had the first bite which was so comforting.


Pasta was very fresh too. Children are the best testimonial. Leia went on and on.


I ordered Pizza too. Very cheesy & in a way, fun.


Cousin Karen’s waffle with poached eggs & smoked salmon.


She praised the buttermilk waffles for the texture & taste. I was yearning for the gelato ice cream.


From left: Maoshan Wang (Durian), Lavender Earl Grey & After Eight

The ice cream tasted very original to its name. I will order Maoshan Wang again.

Foodie Friday

Yesterday I had a bbq gathering with my boss and colleagues. The food was really tasty and I am thankful for the good time. Gonna order from EZ BBQ for my own barbeque session.

At 8pm, Bret and Leia picked me up from east coast park and then we went mil’s thai restaurant for dinner. Restaurant was packed again. Mil and Aunt Roslyn were elated to see us and we had dinner together.

It was hilarious to see my little girl attempting to take order from a table of adults.


Our 3.8 year old did experienced real-life cashier moment. The guests were smiling warmly as they went up to Leia & Aunt Roslyn for payment.

A father told his possibly 7-yr old daughter, “She is the young boss.” 

After dinner, we went to my cousin’s newly opened ice cream cafe, The Hideout.  Knowing Cousn Daniel has a day business, we were both surprised and glad to see him at the cafe. The first impression for the cafe was, blissful and cozy.


Double chocolate was finished. I decided to have Salted Caramel & Bret chose Peppermint on our Buttermilk Waffle.


The cafe was crowded with happy people. We overheard patrons behind us commenting the waffle is good. Indeed, I like the ice cream even more! According to Cousin Daniel, his partner went Italy to learn Gelato. Woo hoo! No wonder the ice cream is so addictive.


Leia and Bret finished the ice cream and waffle in no time. So happy, she asked me to take a picture of her. We really like the cafe. A cheerful environment and great for hangout.

Must-Try Desserts! The Hideout, at Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50

Durian Pastries from Goodwood Park Hotel

Last week, Bret’s client bought him a Durian Power Puff from Goodwood Park Hotel. The generous Mao Shan Wang filling is incredible. Usually Bret says no to durian but he actually likes Power Puff.


On Father’s day, we went Goodwood Park Hotel to get durian pastries for my parents and him.


Besides Power Puff, I bought Durian Crepe.


And Mao shan Wang Ice Cream…


After trying all, we agreed that Power Puff tastes best.