Friday dinner: Cereal Prawn

When I first moved into my current house, I used to cook and hubby washed the plates. A year later, we had helper in the house and I was tired after work. Cooking became history…. until this week… I had the mood to cook. Homegrown organic curry leaf from my balcony. 

Preparing a dish I like to order whenever I visit zhi char store. The sizzling butter, chilli padi & curry leaf … I like that. 

Then it wad time to add the deep fried prawns & cereal mixture.

Time for dinner ! Leia can’t take spicy so I set aside deep friend prawn with mayonnaise by the side. 

Stray by Fat CatĀ 

2 weeks before, Jan and I arranged a day out to hang out. The agenda involves lunch, drinks and mummy topics. It’s our first 1-1 meeting. I suggested Stray at Orchard Central because of the menu looks healthy & impressive artsy food plating. Pricey though

I ordered Acai Berries Bowl. So pretty with healthy antioxidant ingredients.

There were not many choices for lunch so Jan decided on Yu Sheng Bowl. Truly an Instagram-worthy food with Yu Sheng ingredients.

Can’t say much about taste though but I would come back for desserts šŸ™‚

Stray by Fat Cat

181 Orchard Road

#04-23 Orchard Central

Singapore 238896

Boufe Cafe

Sometime ago, a friend of mine posted a galaxy-inspired cake. So beautiful, I added the cafe into my To-Go List.

It was a Monday. My friends had no idea where I am leading them. Upon arrival, they were wowed by the cakes.

Before cakes, we had the drinks & main course for lunch. Iced Tea – Twillight (Purple drink) is a popular drink.

However, the lavender was bit too raw & overwhelming for me.

The cakes were pretty and mini in real. We didn't finish them despite there were 4 of us.

Best order in terms of taste, Nutellalatte.

Cool Mint ViennettaĀ 

Being working mum, I just want to dash back home to my kids after work. Me-time or spa time is pretty much history or have come become rare to me. Used to do regular groceries shopping with Bret until I tried Red Mart. I appreciated the convenience of clicking and have my groceries delivered to home. Goodbye to days where I have to carry the heavy duty items like rice, milk powder or detergents & etc

Last afternoon, my Red Mart order was delivered. One of the item, Viennetta Ice Cream. 

The Color of the box goes so well with Le Creuset Cool Mint stoneware. I will always remember the commercial I watched when I was a kid. Through the commercial, I learnt the concept of luxury. Successful commercial. 

Beautiful curls… Bret loves peppermint and our first time trying. Minty and Super cool. 

Yummy dessert. 

Mansor D Cafe with BĀ 

Sometimes, Best Friend B and I would do impromptu lunch together. I had strong cravings for my Favourite Nasi Padang at Far East Plaza. 

My kinda-Happy Meal. I love and cleared everything on my plate. The nasi(rice) & balachan chilli is exceptionally nice šŸ‘šŸ» I can hardly find another place comparable to this stall. 

Great place for Chilli-lovers. 

After this, I will need to adopt a much clean-er diet which means Minimise Fried Food, Meat & Carbo like White Rice, Yellow Noodle. After giving birth, my metabolism rate slows down and I have really stubborn water retention. The days of eating anything is over for me. 

A good friend has introduced an affordable vegetarian meal replacement and Chia seed. 

Something has got to change, am doing it. 

Impromptu Chill Out at Joo Bar – Part 2Ā 

Over at Bugis, we entered Joo Bar. A Korean chill out place introduced by our Friend, Ivan. A new concept for us to explore.. we were looking at the menu wondering which should we try. And we ordered the “Korean Wine Sampler Set”

Bret likes the original best. I’m good with all…

A sip of Soju in this spontaneous night with dear hubby.

In Korean drama, we often see a combination of Beer + Fried Wings.. so we added the KoreanĀ fried wings to our table. I like it, flavourful and crispy.

Wearing his gift around my neck tonight. Shall blog about my latest necklace in next entry šŸ™‚

Our date night picture as parents of 6 years old and 2 months old.

Last order was rice wine with higher alcohol content.. to get that kick before we called it a night. Good to mix with beer. Towards midnight, Korean pub songs with fantastic bass and beat were played. If only we heard the songs earlier…

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves at Joo Bar. A place we would go back because of the food, atmosphere and drinks.

Joo Bar

5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094