Karel Capek Japanese Tea

It is past midnight now. I was done with my night regime with skincare and diffused Young Living Lavender Oil for a calming, good night sleep. Meanwhile, I am blogging, listening to classic 80’s love songs on my ear piece as dear hubby watches his Korean drama, Ruler: Master of the Mask…

Today we brought the kids to Liang Court for Lunch because I wanted to get Karel Capek Tea Time Shop Japanese tea bags. Mainly because of the irresistible packaging and amazing flavours. The local distributor in Singapore, One Tap Lifestyle had a pop-up booth for 3 days and I just have to make a trip there.

Picture source: Karel Capek

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.59.28 am

Gonna do tea party at home 🙂

Dinner & Durian 

Last weekend, we had a durian party family gathering at my place. Mil made the loveliest and delicious Siew mai at first attempt. 

Our table was filled with food and what made the dinner enjoyable was sharing the table with my family. Jasmine, my younger Sister works with my in-law and they have great relationship so are my parents with mil. 

Leia is close to my siblings too. They were more than just uncles and aunt to her. She talks to them like friends, played many games together whenever she stays at my mum’s place. 

These days with a great helper Lisa, we get to eat homecooked food most of the time. For dinner, we only dine out once or twice a week. 

The main highlight of this gathering was, Durian. 

Told my Brother about having durian party at my place. He got the durians from a reliable seller at Pasir Ris. The Mao San Wang durians were so popular, he had to call in and ask for the schedule of delivery. According to him, usually sold out within 2 hours. 

And we had the opportunity to savour the creamy, sweet, bitter durian with extremely thin seed. 

Do you know you can remove the durian smell from your hands simply by running water over the white inner shell to your hands ? 

My siblings were stunned and convinced by the experiment 😊

Baby Shower Party – Apr 2017

One Saturday, we attended my Cousin’s Baby Shower Party at Jurong Safra. The function room makes a great venue for special occasion.

Cute tsum tsum micky theme. Next month I will need to prepare Kryston’s Birthday Party. Hmm I guess I will need dessert table which doubles as a photo booth too.

Gotten a Minnie Mouse Cupcake and Flower Cupcake.. I still like cream over fondant.

Leia gets to mingle with her extended cousins. Watched them grow from toddlers to primary school girls.

The buffet spread was brilliant and Glad to celebrate a joyous full month party of a handsome baby boy, Jace. Now we have more boys to join our big family.

On the way back in the car… Kryston was so excited over the balloon we took back from Party.

When he is in high spirits, he closes his eyes like this …! We called this “Cute Eyes”

Big Sister joined in for pictures with Grandma Audrey in the background. Bret told Leia “Your teeth are coming off and Didi is growing teeth.”

My loving girl who loves her little Brother. She said, “Kryston is the cutest in the world!”

Blogging this cutest moment and mummy loves you both soooo much !

Birthday – 2017

On actual day, Bret was ready to drive me to anywhere my heart desires. I told him about bringing the kids to see balloons at Marina Square. This year is the first time we have Kryston, the latest addition to our family.

Before balloons exhibition, we walked around the mall looking for a child-friendly restaurant. Settled for Hifumi, Japanese restaurant for decent food at reasonable price.

I like the aburi don and the idea of side buffet table for every main course order. One of the side, chawanmushi and its free flow.

Also, every kid’s meal come with a free toy !

I used to put 20cent to $1 coin into the machine, now that I’m a parent… I was shocked to see the prices now. At this restaurant, it’s free. Leia noticed the machine right from the moment we stepped in… alas…

To the Sea of Wonder Exhibition …

Didn’t take much pictures as Leia is not really keen in the balloons. Outgrown ? We had a very quick tour. By the time hubby ended his businesss call, he was shocked to know we were done.

View from 2nd level…

Checking out my sea Amo Hobobe. Looks pretty nice of hubby. Haha. A new age & hands-on Father who was more concerned about the weight if I carry than how people look at him.

Next stop, “Harry Potter Cafe” at Serangoon.,

The cafe has a shelf of wizard props and my little girl brought some to our table. I dressed up my baby…

Leia with a magical wand!

We had the flaming brew, their a signature sweet cocktail.

If I could, I would want to experience something new with my loved ones every weekend. Watch their response and learn a new thing or two together.

After cafe, it was time for home. Ordered Chicken Up wings and Korea pancake for dinner. I made homemade muah chee…

And pizza with ham & cheese

Freshly baked and the portion was just right for all of us including our helpers. Lots of cheese is always a good idea.

The cream was light accompanied with fluffy sponge cake and generous amount of strawberries.

Thank you Hubby for everything 🙂

Slappy Cakes at Sentosa

Out from Sea Aquarium, we went Slappy Cakes for some Make-your-Own Pancakes ! My hubby Chef at work.

I over-ordered toppings but well, an experience for joy. Should I get the Bruno Hot Plate ?

Leia made her own buttermilk pancake.


It was delicious 😋

Busy hubby.. was he enjoying ? I think so. Kryston in baby chair and I gave him snacks to keep him occupied before he whined in boredom.

Love the feeling of doing something new and together with my family.

Await Kryston to grow up and be involved in more fun.

Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway (next to Universal Studios)
#01-29 , Singapore 098269

+65 6795 0779


8.00 am – 9.30pm

Sea Amo at Aquarium 

Tokidoki-Jujube bags make me want to bring my kids out often. Dear vbff surprised me with Sea Amo Hobobe. Wasn’t love at first sight but it’s so amazing in real. Tokidoki is truly a brilliant art that brings happiness and joy to mummies & babies.

With Sea Amo, I decided to bring my kids to Sea Aquarium.

Jujube slogan, “Smart Bags for Smart People”. I was able to pack diaper & feeding needs in it. At the moment, I still prefer Hobobe for day trip and in Leia’s Fairytella Minibe, I have tula blankets and stuffs I couldn’t put in my hobobe.

Educational too, I pointed out the sharks mermaids and sea creatures to my baby boy.

Reached our destination, Sentosa. Feels like tourist. Bret babywear his boy in Tula Emulsion. It’s so comfortable for hubby, the record was 5 hours babywear at zoo trip.

Look at the stunning Sea Amo Hobobe at the aquarium. For Sea Amo, I really like the mermaids but the donutella in bubble steals mummies’ hearts. I don’t have the donutella so added my own version, Donutella Fobs!

When I was a kid, my parents would take my siblings and me to the zoo, animal farms, Sentosa and Parks. Now it’s my turn to create memories for my children. In Singapore, there’s plenty of children activities and places to visit… Long list and yet to visit all.

Then we saw the Glowing Candy Floss.. with a $7 price tag. Little girl had her wish-of-the-day granted.

Leia admiring her Glowing Candy Floss.

So Long as I can still afford and you’re happy my dear 😅

Kryston was sleeping the whole time. We were enjoying being away from home and bringing science to life looking at the sea animals …

Touching the star fish and sea cucumbers…

An opportunity to view animals up close, see their habitat and behaviour in the sea.

Homely hubby understands the need to bring our kids out. I think he enjoys baby wearing and agrees to almost anywhere I proposed these days.

More to come !

Valentine Day 2017 

I have lost count of our years together. Bret says it’s our 19th Valentine Day. Didn’t need any dine out, we wanted to be home with our children.

Picked up Leia from school, I took my parents and kids for lunch at Sushi Tei then shopped at Smiggle. Returned home, we saw a bouquet of roses.

Hubby chose laced bouquet as he wanted something different from previous bouquets. Appreciate his thoughts ❤️ 

We had seafood dinner at home. I ordered from Melben Seafood and hubby picked up at allocated time. I have never queued and ate at the famous Ang Mo Kio. 

This is our first time having Melben Crabs! 

My mum joined us for dinner followed by mil and sis. Spending the day with people we love. 

Happy Valentine !