Kryston at Happy Train Tampines 

Sunday afternoon was another milestone moment for Kryston. Bret and I looked forward to this day as we were eager to know his response towards class setting. Well, I have enrolled him to an enrichment program which Leia used to attend at 9 months old. 

Here’s my girl in 2011 ! 

Holistic brain-training programme that enriches children’s growing minds through a variety of games, guided play and hands-on activities. Happy train believes in the importance of developing core skills and shaping children’s learning attitudes.
While preparing for day out, we told Kryston “It’s your first day to school!” Not sure why, parents get more excited 😊 

I have him in polo tee from cotton on kids. Last night, I managed to purchased more tees, shorts & shoes from Taobao. There was this 618 Midyear sales. Ezbuy was having Free Agent Fee & 30% off Shipping Fee. I tried Sgshop too but shipment is slower due to hippcups & even exchanging of item. Because of the delay, I went with Ezbuy again. I was afraid of bad luck shipment… 

So, back to Happy Train. On the way to the centre, I cannot help realised how old the building has become. A familiar feeling when I was in the same ward after giving birth to Kryston. 

6 years later, everything is still the same but older. 

Re-entering Happy Train at Tampines, we noticed the layout remains and I was both surprised & impressed that Teacher Monica & 黄老师 still around ! They looked good, still as young, vibrant and pretty as before. 
I had forgotten there’s an alternate session for English & Chinese class. This week is English and  we have Teacher Monica. A blue card with his name was on the table. Kryston sat down in the cute yellow chair happily not knowing what’s going to happen. 

Just as I remembered, Happy Train seemed to have more little girls compared to boys. In this class, there are 6 toddlers and 4 were girls. I used to be a girl mummy in Happy Train class and now with a 12 months old boy… things are little different. 

Before Teacher Monica starts the class, Kryston was entertaining himself with his blue card. When the class commenced, I heard the same songs could see the children like the songs. Review back in 2012 here ! 

In our first session, I also learnt that it’s time to practice shapes & stacking of blocks to Kryston. We did have fun especially when teacher took out the toy vehicles and activity material. It was the best for Kryston. 

Compared to Big Sister, I noticed Kryston was more reserved towards new faces & environment. 

When teacher Monica interacted with him during activities, his eyes suddenly welled up tears & reached out to me. Stranger anxiety I Guess. It was just once and he didn’t cry or have a meltdown. This is Bret’s DNA who prefers to hang out with the usual people and other than work, he is pretty reluctant to meet new people or places. 

I could see that the exposure in Happy Train will help to build his social-emotion skills. And I have the mummy instinct whereby Kryston is going to enjoy the coming sessions after he opens up to the Teachers and friends. 
After we were done, Bret and I saw a grouchy sleepy boy. 

Bret remembered Leia needed nap after the stimulated fun activities. In the car, he was “singing” non-stop to the radio songs and knocked out after few songs. 

We watched our little boy sleeping blissfully. Await next session.

At Happy Train with her

Its been a while since I accompanied Leia to Happy Train. And she was walking around the class instead of sitting down! My unusual presence might have caused her to behave differently.

Her two other classmates

They had their grandma to accompany them. And I kinda know better why my mum likes to go Happy Train. She is acquainted with one of the grandma and always enjoys the lesson with Leia.

The one-hour class ended

I was so happy & relieved. Here’s the little ones.


Her classmate, Ashley

She is dainty and princess-like while Leia acts like a Tom-Boy. There are three toddlers(including Leia) in the class and when it was time to hug the teacher goodbye, Leia cut into the queue…hmm!


Her demure classmate patiently waited for her turn.


It wasn’t just the hug but the sticker after each lesson.


Leia have been attending since 9 months and I can see that the activities develop her gross & fine motor skills which helps much in herour daily life.


The teachers in Happy Train are very cheerful and attentive too 🙂 Leia calls Happy Train as “Hello Teacher” which comes from the welcome song.

First Day at Kinderland

Leia finally started her childcare at Kinderland, Marine Parade. And watching her in school uniform touches our heart.

Day 1: We were greeted by friendly toddlers who were playing happily in the room. Leia was curious and joined them. She cried for a while when she realised she was left in the school all alone. I did not accompany her as I do not want to create an impression that I should be there. Teacher Julie called me to update me about Leia’s response and I picked her up after four hours.

Day 2: Leia kinda knows she’s going to a place filled with new faces again. She looked worried and cried after I left the classroom. Teachers and customer service officer told me she’s alright, considered settle down fast. After school, she gave me a long hug and said, “I miss you”. 

Day 3: Leia established friendships with few female toddlers. I was told by teacher that she wants to feed them during meal time. And I saw how her friends can’t bear to part with her, they actually escorted her all the way to the door when it was time for Leia to leave.

Subsequent days, Leia and the other toddlers have this daily crying “morning ritual” right after their mummies or daddies dropped them from the classroom.  At night, I would ask her how did her friends and teachers danced and she shyly performed for me.

Teacher Julie told us her favourite song, Itsy Bitsy Spider. That’s so nice to know. I like to hear what Leia does with her little friends. And I also feel good that the teachers speak well and most importantly, they are very caring 🙂


Leia at Happy Train

Every Sunday, we attend a 1 hr parent-toddler class at Happy Train, Tampines CPF Building. The man and I takes turn to attend class with her. In the class, we can see how she reacts to the teacher and her little friends. We get to see the activities she like better and best of all, do with her 🙂

Before the class started, here is Leia thinking about what to play.

Leia smiling and walking with more confidence now.

Before signing up a term, we went for the 3 trial sessions. The most important factor to our decision was that Leia enjoyed herself. Toddlers like to explore new things.

Not so much on academic or wanting Leia to be a genius. I was looking for a program that cultivates the interest for constant learning new things. It can be anything, not just education.

I see great value in the many Parents-Toddlers activities packed in the precious one hour.

Love their exquisite materials and interesting sensorial activities. Lots of fun in the variety of toddlers games. I like most when Leia claps and dances to the engaging songs played from time to time.

I also love that its a low-ratio class, 1 :4 and the tailor-made curriculum to facilitate the learning developments of the toddlers in the class.