Kryston at Happy Train Tampines 

Sunday afternoon was another milestone moment for Kryston. Bret and I looked forward to this day as we were eager to know his response towards class setting. Well, I have enrolled him to an enrichment program which Leia used to attend at 9 months old. 

Here’s my girl in 2011 ! 

Holistic brain-training programme that enriches children’s growing minds through a variety of games, guided play and hands-on activities. Happy train believes in the importance of developing core skills and shaping children’s learning attitudes.
While preparing for day out, we told Kryston “It’s your first day to school!” Not sure why, parents get more excited 😊 

I have him in polo tee from cotton on kids. Last night, I managed to purchased more tees, shorts & shoes from Taobao. There was this 618 Midyear sales. Ezbuy was having Free Agent Fee & 30% off Shipping Fee. I tried Sgshop too but shipment is slower due to hippcups & even exchanging of item. Because of the delay, I went with Ezbuy again. I was afraid of bad luck shipment… 

So, back to Happy Train. On the way to the centre, I cannot help realised how old the building has become. A familiar feeling when I was in the same ward after giving birth to Kryston. 

6 years later, everything is still the same but older. 

Re-entering Happy Train at Tampines, we noticed the layout remains and I was both surprised & impressed that Teacher Monica & 黄老师 still around ! They looked good, still as young, vibrant and pretty as before. 
I had forgotten there’s an alternate session for English & Chinese class. This week is English and  we have Teacher Monica. A blue card with his name was on the table. Kryston sat down in the cute yellow chair happily not knowing what’s going to happen. 

Just as I remembered, Happy Train seemed to have more little girls compared to boys. In this class, there are 6 toddlers and 4 were girls. I used to be a girl mummy in Happy Train class and now with a 12 months old boy… things are little different. 

Before Teacher Monica starts the class, Kryston was entertaining himself with his blue card. When the class commenced, I heard the same songs could see the children like the songs. Review back in 2012 here ! 

In our first session, I also learnt that it’s time to practice shapes & stacking of blocks to Kryston. We did have fun especially when teacher took out the toy vehicles and activity material. It was the best for Kryston. 

Compared to Big Sister, I noticed Kryston was more reserved towards new faces & environment. 

When teacher Monica interacted with him during activities, his eyes suddenly welled up tears & reached out to me. Stranger anxiety I Guess. It was just once and he didn’t cry or have a meltdown. This is Bret’s DNA who prefers to hang out with the usual people and other than work, he is pretty reluctant to meet new people or places. 

I could see that the exposure in Happy Train will help to build his social-emotion skills. And I have the mummy instinct whereby Kryston is going to enjoy the coming sessions after he opens up to the Teachers and friends. 
After we were done, Bret and I saw a grouchy sleepy boy. 

Bret remembered Leia needed nap after the stimulated fun activities. In the car, he was “singing” non-stop to the radio songs and knocked out after few songs. 

We watched our little boy sleeping blissfully. Await next session.

Growing Interest

The day before her class at Kid Start Now, Leia proudly informed us she had chosen her bag and packed all the things needed in class such as school Chinese textbook and stationery. Mil noticed her enthusiasm.

On actual day, my girl woke me up at 730am as she didn’t want to be late for her 9am class. We reached the centre 10 minutes earlier.

Walking behind her, I admired my morning view and cannot resist taking a picture of Donutella Sweet Shop on my girl. Next detail was her ponytail which she tied on her own. Few days, Leia discovered in “shock” that she is able to tie her hair on her own now. New milestone.

After I dropped her at the centre, drove back home to my boy. It was Lisa’s off day so I need to return home to the little one. And coming home with his hands reaching out to me melts my heart. Played with him for a while and then it was time… Bret woke up earlier so we can pick Leia together. The school is located next to Bedok Central Hawker Centre so we bought breakfast home.

My man has a thing for Chwee Kueh.

And this stall nailed it! The queue is justified because it’s really delicious. I hate to queue but no regrets. Bret and I were satisfied.

At home, Leia took out her homework from Kid Start Now.

I have signed up the Show & Tell Holiday Camp. Online reviews have been great and my hunch tells me she will enjoy.

Now that her interest in Chinese is growing, spelling test is quite a breeze now. Glad I found the right centre for Leia.

K2 Spelling Revision in 10 Mins – May 2016 

On weekends, I have a job and its my least favourite….But I have to do what I need to do. That is to teach Leia spelling & … I introduce the words through games. It’s more effective for Leia. Besides fun, we get to accomplish the revision in an average of 10 mins. 

Step 1: Read the words

I would list down the spelling words and have my girl to read them first. This allow me to know which words to work on. 

Step 2: Fill in the blanks 

After reading the words together, it’s time for some games. My girl loves challenges. Here’s Leia filling in the correct letters for each word. 

Step 3: Jumbled Words 

If the words are manageable, I’ll move on to another game. It can be difficult but when she gets answer right, it gives her a positive boost towards learning. 

Step 4: Spelling Test 

I bought exercise books from Popular bookstore. At the moment, I’m using two books for English Spelling & Chinese Spelling. 

For Chinese Spelling Revision, the steps are similar except I have “Spot the difference”

Personally, I find it easier to teach Leia spelling with whiteboard. She is more keen and we get to have fun too. So that’s my 10 min spelling revision. And she was able to score full marks. Thank God! 

I really look forward to the day where she learns spelling test on her own. 

Chinese Book – Mar 2016 

Every Thursday Leia brings back a Chinese storybook  & 2 English storybooks. She would read the Chinese storybook to me.  

Before bedtime, we read the English storybooks together. On Monday, we will have to return the English books to school. 

At K2, Leia  displays great interest in reading & writing. Knowing she loves her Teachers and friends in school makes me happy too. Weeks ago, she had fever and asked, “Mummy I want to go school. My friends want to play with me.”

Credits to her teachers in school. 

Valentine’s Gift from Leia – 2016 

Yesterday Leia returned from school with two gifts. She went “Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s for Papa, Mama & me.” Every Friday there is gourmet lesson and long time since she bring her gourmet home. 

Besides gourmet, there’s a craft she did in school. Sweet gesture from Leia & her school. Also she scored full marks for her spelling again. I didn’t teach her as I was sick, Grandma Audrey went through with her on the day before spelling test.  

Good job my little girl! 

This year Valentine’s Day I told Bret if he has to get me flowers he only need to get single stalk. It’s the thought that count and he’s been ordering bouquets for years. I don’t keep the flowers and we can save money for more meaningful stuffs. 

Now that both of us are sick, we will be home on Sunday taking medication & eat something light. In a way, we are gonna remember this time. First time both sick on Valentine’s Day. 

All these 16 years, we will be there the entire time when one of us is sick. Knowing we care so much for each other, I’m contented. Living the vows, a life partner to share good times and bad times. 

School Excursion 2016 – Library & Supermarket 

Based on the theme “Public Places”, Leia has a school excursion to the library and supermarket. Places we have been together but I am sure she will have a different & fun experience with her friends and Teachers. Excited about her excursion, she told her grandparents she needs to sleep early because she is going to library and supermarket the next day.

It was nice to receive excursion pictures from her teacher.

Besides learning library etiquette, the preschoolers attended a story telling session in the playhouse of Tampines library. At 11.30am, I received an email notification from national library. Leia had borrowed two books.

 I saw pictures of Leia & her friends at  wet market as well as shengsiong supermarket.

When she returned from school, we began to interview her. She shared her experience & learnt the colour of fresh seafood.

Leia will be having another excursion soon & visiting the play, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in March with her school.

Spelling … 

This year we have a new routine on weekend because at K2 Grade she has English Spelling Test every Tues and Chinese Spelling Test every Thurs. Setting aside 30mins on weekend, Bret and I gave our best to prepare her by using the whiteboard. When she is ready, we test her.

Our effort was rewarded. Came as a great surprise to us knowing she scored full marks for her first test! A milestone achievement. Subsequent spelling tests have been very positive 10/10. Having a whiteboard at home makes learning fun. After our “class” she will pretend to be a teacher writing on the board.

Certainly, teaching Leia academic is not my favourite parenting activity but well… we just have to do it together. Glad that Bret is with me, we would take turns to teach her.

  • Estimated Duration 30mins on Sat/Sun
  • Start by letting Leia spell some words on her own at the whiteboard


  •  Introduce words she had not seen before by explaining the meaning
  • Ask Leia to form sentences with words
  • Identify similar words and find the differences


  • Finally, Spelling

I try to keep spelling preparation short and sweet.