Friday dinner: Cereal Prawn

When I first moved into my current house, I used to cook and hubby washed the plates. A year later, we had helper in the house and I was tired after work. Cooking became history…. until this week… I had the mood to cook. Homegrown organic curry leaf from my balcony. 

Preparing a dish I like to order whenever I visit zhi char store. The sizzling butter, chilli padi & curry leaf … I like that. 

Then it wad time to add the deep fried prawns & cereal mixture.

Time for dinner ! Leia can’t take spicy so I set aside deep friend prawn with mayonnaise by the side. 

Herbal Chicken Soup in Carribean Blue French Oven 

Being mom, I gave up personal time where I used to have weekly spa and anytime-evening dinners with friends. Now, after work means home to my kids. They are waiting for me and I miss them too.

New interest were inspired by my children.

Last week, I made herbal chicken soup for Leia using a new round French oven in Carribean blue.

I added 2 bottles Brand’s Essence of Chicken into the soup. Once a week, I prepare herbal soup for Leia to boost her energy and immune system.

Truly love the pot because the premium cast iron retains heat really well. Only need to use a medium to low heat & most importantly, locks in the nutrients and flavour of ingredients more effectively than other cookware. The cool turquoise shade delivers a visual-therapeutic effect as I cook for my family.

I told my friend, the Le Creuset I have at home gonna be one of my legacy with memories.

Le Creuset Chiffon Pink – Chinese Fried Rice 

I have started using my very first Le Creuset Chiffon Pink Buffet Cassorole to cook some dishes. The iron cast material helps retain heat very well,  rice gets to absorb the flavour of the ingredients.

Homecooked fried rice tasted better than before. For side dishes, I have pan-fried smoked duck & steamed sweet corns.

I love having Le Creuset on my dining table. Makes me & Leia happy!

Home Cooked: Agadeshi Tofu 

I have tofu in my fridge so I stocked up Japanese condiments to make Agedashi Tofu for Bret. He has a thing for this Japanese side dish.

To cook Japanese food, you will need the 4 main ingredients:

  • Japanese Soy Sauce
  • Mirin
  • Cooking Sake
  • Dashi

I used Rasa Malaysia Agedashi Tofu Recipe for my first attempt.

The sauce was alright but I reccomend using Potato Starch instead of Corn Flour to coat the silken tofu. Potato Starch should give a crispier texture.

Important note, you need to dry the tofu before coating the tofu cubes. As I ran out of scallions, I used seaweed and bonito flakes for topping. With Japanese condiments in my kitchen, I will be preparing more jap food.

The first ever dish I prepared for Bret was Cold Soba. He was 15 and was shocked to see green noodles on ice. Outcome was he enjoyed the noodles with soba sauce & seaweed.

It’s easy to fall in love with Japanese food.

Homemade Chocolate Souffle for Dessert

Last week after spagetti, I attempted the french dessert. Pretty simple and fun process. Leia was involved in the brimming the rameskins with sugar and butter. I caught her licking the sugar so I had to shoo her off. Gotta prepare the chocolate mixture at the stove. As I poured the ready mixture into the rameskin, I hoped for a rise in the air fryer.

Didn’t get to take photos so pictures sourced from a blogger, eating out loud.


Out from the air fryer, I spotted a gorgeous rise! However like eating out loud, my souffle deflated before I could even snap a pic.


I dust the chocolate souffle with icing sugar before serving to my dearest hubby and daughter. It was our first time having souffle and they seemed to enjoy the dessert not knowing whats the original taste. The recipe I followed was Beth’s Foolproof Chocolate Souffle.

Shall try another recipe next time. Never-say-die attitude!

Baby Chef: Spagetti

Last Sunday afternoon it was time to prepare dinner and Leia made a request. She didn’t want to play her toys or watch tv, she wanted to join me in the kitchen. I agreed. One of the ingredients for I used for spagetti was, brown button mushroom.

Leia helped me remove the stems from the brown button mushroom. Here‘s the clip. After removal of stems, I gave my 5yr-old a butter knife to cut the mushrooms into parts before grinding into smaller bits.
Seeing some mess, Leia used a cloth to clean up the table then she went on to wash the cutting board as I cooked the spagetti sauce.


A mother-daughter scene I have always wanted.