Coffee and Compassion

I was not a coffee person until I became a mother of two. Caffeine to kickstart a tired me at work. These days I appreciated coffee and yesterday I was at Henri Charpentier, Orchard Central. Resembled a pop-up cafe, the cakes are delicious as they look. A little expensive though. Jessie had Americano while I sipped cappuccino and we shared a slice of chocolate cake.

The lady was sharing her thoughts about being grateful and compassion.

She touched on the topic of being in a position where someone says something that hurts our feelings with or without the intention to provoke us versus our choices to react to that someone. I like this topic as I reminded myself to be gracious and be freed from unhappiness.

Of late, I have ventured into new career experiences and all that … led to a shift in my passion that I used to have for the past 10 years. In time, robots will replace many jobs including my current career.

It’s going to be exciting, I welcome revolution if for the better.


Tea Break at The Tiramisu 

Sunday afternoon, Mil was out with us. When she suggested tea break, I thought of The Tiramisu Hero. Mil told her she’s been to the cafe twice with her friends. The owner happened to be Daughter of her Friend. Cool. 

Leia taking a picture of the hero of the day. 

My Creme Brûlée Latte was served in a very cute cup. I had asked about the price of the cup as it’s tempting to bring one home. The waitress told me it will be cheaper if I bring home the cup I used compared to brand new. New concept for me. 

Ordered the Lemon Lavender Tiramisu to try. It was bit too sweet for me and I didn’t get to taste Lavender. Still prefer Gastronomic Tiramisu. 

Shall try original flavour next time. We ordered Waffle Ice Cream too. The cream and truffle waffle tasted incredible 😊

Here’s my kids in the rocking horse. 

We will be back!