Banana Blueberries Muffin (Part 2) 

Afternoon tea break with my little ones. We served the freshly baked sugar-free muffin to Kryston on EzPz mat.

Was curious how would he handle the muffin with his bare hands.

Lots of crumbs as he squeezed and squashed the Muffin in his little hands.

He loves the taste and texture so much, he used the back of his hand to prevent Muffin cramps from coming out of his mouth.

Introduced fork and he held it like he’s brushing his teeth.. hmmm

Enjoying the smell of banana muffin

He was able to hold the fork well and fed himself ūüėä ¬†Good Job!

About Kryston, he does not have the tendency to put objects into his mouth… and dubious even when it comes to food. The little foodie will ask for food if he sees Leia or adults eating the particular food usually fruit or bread.

Sugar-Free Banana Blueberries Muffin – Approved by Kryston !

Simple, healthy breakfast¬†ÔĽŅ

Becoming a Mother, I try to make sure my family is eating well. The recently acquired kitchen toys have been helping me with a mission to prepare nutritious & preservatives free meals. 

With breadmaker, breakfast is easy to prepare. I just put the ingredients in the breadmaker & as fast as 2 hours later, we have a loaf of homemade bread. 

Accompanied with fresh orange juice using slow juicer. There are many wonders of using slow juicer compared to conventional juicer. Do Google about it! 

A simple breakfast that’s satisfying. 

The begining of my bread making journey. And I learnt preservatives free bread have to be kept in air tight container & consumed within two days. Moulds start appearing on the third day. 

Commercial bread last much longer. Do check out the ingredients label for preservatives & chemicals. 

Changi City Point with my Parents

The nearest mall to my place is Changi City Point…and I am begining to love this place. My mum too.


Coco Chanel¬†once said “Fashion Fades, only Style Remains the Same.” Totally.. As the years goes by, its no longer about getting clothing that look beautiful on the mannequins or models in the magazine. Its about finding the style that best defines myself. My main agenda of going to Changi City Point was to install the MS Office into my MacBook Air… but… my eyes were attracted to the dresses in this particular store. Two new dresses into my wardrobe! As for my mum, she was thrilled to find her Style in the mall as well …and happily shopped like a tourist.


Meal Time at Tung Lok Signatures

Source: Tung Lok Signatures 

“TungLok Signatures offers a tantalising range of traditional Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dishes with a dash of Modern creations ‚Äď authentic in tastes but with TungLok‚Äôs distinctive touch. Be swept away by a myriad of flavours from our premium ingredients.

Our masterchefs‚Äô skillful execution and innovative vision have produced a unique dining concept that has impressed many. Reminisce the taste and soul of Chinese tradition as these delicacies charm your palate with each tender morsel.”

I ordered the Promotional Lunch Set.

2013-07-26 13.34.28

First dish was Braised Fish Maw Bisque… Love it.


Gave me an idea to get mini claypot when I make fish maw soup at home. Next, Steamed Prawn with roes with Steamed Egg White..Maybe I can try this someday at home.


And Stewed Beef Cheek in Red Wine Sauce. My dad and I were wowed by the tenderness of the beef. Certainly, unforgettable.


Braised Handmade Noodle with Dumpling. It was the 5th dish… and by then, we were all very full. So, we packed this for my brother at home.


After meal, we proceeded to Cold Storage to do grocery shopping for Saturday BBQ with secondary school friends. All in all, it was a well-spent day at Changi City Point.

Dinner at Poh’s

Another dinner and playdate at Glenn’s place. And this time, we have Bret joining us! My dear friend was so thrilled to see his old friend.¬†Shall cut the story short by posting photos.

On the way to Glenn’s residence…

Leia may have a girlish look but…. she behaves very much like a boy sometimes. She keeps asking for “Geron” and she addresses Levonne, “Jie Jie” (Sister).

My favorite picture of all.

For those who don’t know, Glenn is Bret’s secondary schoolmate but somehow I am closer to him than Bret is. Here they are, from Boys to Men.

And I was surprised Geron and Levonne like Bret.

Bret does not always carry babies too as he is afraid of hurting them. It was both stunned and nice… to see him carrying 11 months old Geron.

  • Little Boy rejected me last week and I thought maybe stranger anxiety but… he kept going close to Bret and asking him to carry.
  • Levonne shocked Bret by calling him “Papa’. Ops.

Dinner was healthy because we have kids and Mr & Mrs Poh were too kind with their treat. They bought much and thread-fin fish for the little ones.

My good friend whom I look upon as elder bro, manned the cooking station.

His brocoli was good! Bret and Leia loves the dish too.

His wife, Peony whom I have also known for years, cooked healthy dishes like vermicelli with sliced mushrooms and shrimps.

I like their steamed egg too! Gotta ask them for recipe.

There were more dishes and the next dinner will be prepared by Bret and me. Maybe steamboat lol.

Wasn’t exactly an Intended Playdate

More of having adult time while the little ones entertained themselves. The three little angels were in their own world running and crawling around the house, screaming with excitement. Children make happiness look so simple.


Bringing children to friends’ place for home cooked dinner and watching our children play and care for each other was something I yearned for.

For the superb hospitality and generous home-cooked food treat from Glenn, I really feel blessed that we are able to bring our families together.

Organic Yogurt

Yogurt Task

Monday night, Beelian told me she needed a favour. That is to go 12Katong to buy organic wholemeal yogurt for her daughter. Apparently, Mummy Ong and her daughter are very into Yobaby.

Somehow, only the mentioned mall has more flavours. Beelian had called different supermarkets to enquire about the availability and varieties at their branch.

Next Day

I dropped Leia off at Kinderland and proceeded to 12Katong to get the yogurt. When I reached the mall  at 9.30am, I was pretty shocked to learn that Jason Marketplace opens at 10am. Well, I learnt something ne.

Morning visit to Baby Online

I actually spent $158 and my shopping bag contains useful stuffs for Leia, an interesting baby cloth book for Jonathan and helped Beelian to get this soothing cream for her little girl. Was an interesting cream because I saw Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar on the cover of the book.

At the Supermarket

I saw few flavours and excitedly told her about the reduced price due to nearing expiry day. The price was actually half!  I asked her if the expiry date is ok and she readily agreed.

Before I went to work, I asked Bret to give me a lift home so that I can store the yogurts into the fridge.


I packed some stuffs for Shevon…

  • Petit Bateu Top
  • Little Duck (Apple & Banana)
  • Soothing Cream (On Beelian’s behalf – she enjoyed discount at 20% off! ) UP. $30+ and now only $23 ūüôā
Suddenly, Beelian recalled we only have 2 days to let our kids finish 4 tubs of yogurt. Omg. Bizarre things often happen between Beelian and me. Is that why we understands each other so well?
Benefits of Organic Food
  • Organic¬†food to be more¬†nutritious. (I love organic apples)
  • Reduce pesticides content in kids immediately and dramatically by switching to organic food.
  • Research¬†shows pesticide exposure may also heighten the risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.
  • Babies, toddlers and kids are more vulnerable than adults to pesticide exposure. Toxins circulate longer in babies‚Äô bodies, boosting exposure to four times that of adults
(Source taken from

*Yawn* I gotta sleep now. Its 2am and he just finished watching the first soccer match for today.

Pancakes with Love

Yesterday, Bret had a long night with his buddy Alvin. They watched Euro cup 2012 till 5am in the morning. So long as he is happy, I’m happy too.

Anyway, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast.

During the process, I got Leia to help me stir the pancake patter. And she’s wearing the bib from ikea. I like this bib best and its only $7.90 for 2 pieces.

After the batter was done, I got to do some “artwork”. When is the last time, I draw something?

I asked my little helper to bring a small bowl of pancakes out and she was so excited. Next, I realised she had already eaten parts of the “fish” pancake.

Was not easy to snap a shot of Leia and Pancake. Her hands were fast, bringing the pancake to her mouth in lightning speed.

In fact, my main agenda was to do Personalized Pancake. One for my daughter.

Another for the man who was still sleeping. I took a picture and went to the room… the tired man tiredly opened his eyes and …then widened to see his name.

Certainly didn’t expect the pancakes to wake him up ūüôā

Making Oat Amazing

Since Mother’s Day this year, we started a new morning routine which Leia adores totally. That is to make her own breakfast, Oat Meal.

My mum asked me buy Oat because it is convenient to make for Leia’s breakfast before school. I was skeptical at first but never did I expect… my daughter and I actually love everything about eating Oat now. Thanks to¬†Grandma Chew.

Here is one typical weekday morning where Leia tries to open the tin with a metal spoon. Most of the time, she still needs my help.¬†Toddler needs encouragement and they do get¬†frustrated¬†when they can’t meet their goal.¬†

Whenever Leia managed to open the cover of tin on her own, I’d make the most¬†ecstatic¬†‘Wow” and claps to motivate her. Toddlers loves celebrating all of their ¬†achievements.¬†

Next, my little girl will transfer the Oat to the bowl. Quite a breeze for her. During this time, we would do counting together..1..2..3…4…5..

Then, I pour some warm water into a small cup for her to mix with the Oat.

Meanwhile, try to imagine a toddler stirring the bowl. Sometimes, Leia accidentally spilled a bit of Oat onto the table or placemat and the little girl will proactively get a tissue to clean up.

Like my mother, she is now very “pro” in cleaning. Hmmm

About Oat Meal, I know it comes with numerous benefits for health but I just never like it. Whenever my mum prepared a bowl of Oat Meal for me, I would quickly walk away from table as I was too turn off by the¬†blandness¬†and¬†gooey¬†texture. Leia did not like it at first try too…But with some logical thinking, I managed to let her enjoy Oat together with me ūüôā

What I did to arouse her appetite for Oat Meal

  • Let her prepare. Toddlers are more inclined to try food they prepare or assisted in making them.
  • Food will change dramatically in size, color, and texture during the¬†preparation¬†process. Toddlers will be fascinated as they watch these changes take place right before their eyes.
  • I eat the Oat Meal in front of her and she began to eat with me. Toddlers like to eat what adults eat.

And now everyday, we have Oat Meal in small portions for breakfast. Preparing our meals together have been a fun bonding time. In fact, her first “baking” experience was assisting me to prepare pancake batter. Shall do that again ūüôā

According to 8 Health Benefits of Oat Meal, below are the benefits:

  1. Reduces Chances of Heart Disease
  2. Boosts Immune System and Memory
  3. Anti-Cancer Agent and Prevents Bowel-Related Cancer
  4. Fights Breast, Ovarian, Prostate Cancer
  5. Prevents Constipation and Helps Weight Loss
  6. Acts as Great Moisturizer and Fights UV Rays
  7. Keeps Skin Clean from Pimples and Effective for Itchy & Inflamed Skin
  8. Clears Hair from Dandruff Problem and Keeps Soft & Strong

Will post a video of her making Oat in another entry.