Longchamp & Jujube DSS

Beginning to use my Longchamp bag again as I need to put our tula baby carrier in it. The combination of fuchsia & donutella sweet shop fuel cell is lovely. 

With jujube quicks & fuel cell, I was able to have better organisation. In the fuel cell, I have prepared snacks, toys and necessities for formula milk. 

It’s pretty much my restaurant bag too. So if I’m not heading any restaurant, I might leave in the car or it will be in my Long champ bag without baby carrier in it. Bret adores the babywearing bonding moment, even if Kryston was asleep on his chest. 

Here’s a peek inside my bag without baby carrier :

  • Tula Blanket – the softest wrap to keep my kids warm in the car 
  • Huggies wet wipe Pouch – I use Cloversoft Wet Tissue (Eyeing wipouch) 
  • King of Courts Be Quick – Mummy’s bag. I have a detachable sling to turn it into sling bag if I’m going to put all the bags in the car. 
  • Dreamworld Be Quick – Diaper Needs
  • Side Pocket contains Tissue & Lip Balm 

If I have to change Kryston diapers in the mall, I only need to bring the Quick to the changing room. Or it can be an Organiser in ny Longchamp bag 

Jujube Tokidoki takes diaper bags packing to another level. The colours and characters bring Joy to mummies who have imited me-time & deprived of good uninterrupted sleep. 

Backache … 

It’s Saturday close to 4pm now. I am homely, lying in bed feeling the occasional backache. Having a toddler in bed every night also means disrupted sleep. My backache is caused by poor sleeping posture as I reach over to my boy when he seeks comfort.

Usually, at this time I will go through some assessment books with Leia but today my back hurts and I need to rest in bed. If only have time, I would have head to the Chinese bonesetter or massage to ease the discomfort.

This afternoon we watched The Boss Baby at home & playing the new train toy. Lisa is helping to tend the kids now as I rest. By my bedside, I have water with Chia Seed.

Bret commented in a slightly worried tone, “Your mug looks expensive, is it ??” I was surprised that he could tell and I just smiled to him and looked away, hoping to change the subject. Got it during Le creuset sales, they were having 1-for-1 so the damaged was not too bad.

Our latest toy in the house, a magnetic train toy from Hape. I got it from Baby Fair at Suntec yesterday. And it was a Long day with my Best Friend. We did quite a list interesting stuff together including super long & late supper with common friends.

Friday night ended 3am and explains my current zombie mode. Although we rarely end our night beyond midnight as Bret and I cannot help feel guilty towards my kids next day. Our much-needed rest replaced the quality time with them. Though in bed, I managed to schedule some fun & playdate for Leia.

Mum-life balance

Banana Blueberries Muffin (Part 2) 

Afternoon tea break with my little ones. We served the freshly baked sugar-free muffin to Kryston on EzPz mat.

Was curious how would he handle the muffin with his bare hands.

Lots of crumbs as he squeezed and squashed the Muffin in his little hands.

He loves the taste and texture so much, he used the back of his hand to prevent Muffin cramps from coming out of his mouth.

Introduced fork and he held it like he’s brushing his teeth.. hmmm

Enjoying the smell of banana muffin

He was able to hold the fork well and fed himself 😊  Good Job!

About Kryston, he does not have the tendency to put objects into his mouth… and dubious even when it comes to food. The little foodie will ask for food if he sees Leia or adults eating the particular food usually fruit or bread.

Sugar-Free Banana Blueberries Muffin – Approved by Kryston !

Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Transitional Cup – 8 months old 

Times flies, Kryston has grown so much. His motor skill is pretty good and I decided it was time to introduce sippy cup. After some research, I got Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Sippy Cup. 

One of the reasons I love Oxo Tot, it’s the aqua Colour & simple design. Also the sippy cup has a transitional lid to guide my boy when he’s ready to drink from the cup. 

It’s anti-leak and soft for his toothless gum. 

At first impression, he was busy exploring putting his attention on the cover. 

Kryston likes to nibble the cover so I would remove the detachable cover so that he can focus on drinking water.

It’s important to have an adult to supervise while little one drinks from sippy cup. The first couple of sips were too much but given time, he will learn to control the amount of pressure and how he should tilt the bottle. 

Maybe I should do a video on the sippy cup 🙂 

Baby Boy, Kryston Khoo 

One evening, I experienced an unusually hard baby bump and was feeling uncomfortable & breathless as I walked. Did a check with my gynae and she suggested making a trip to hospital. Bret and I were expecting delivery in the weekend. 

At the hospital, we waited 10hrs for baby arrival. 

After our boy had his length & weight measured, the nurse encouraged me to breastfeed him. Bret & I had 30mins of private time with baby at the labour ward. 

Here’s the first picture of my baby boy. 

First thought… He looks like Bret and .. soon the whole world think alike. All along, friends have been telling us Leia looks like me. Now I realise it is a nice feeling to have child looking like hubby too. Mil was smiling so much to see “little Bretson”. 

My parents & Leia arrived shortly. They have been waiting for this day. 

Leia was really sweet and she asked  to carry her baby Brother. 

The moment Bret and I had imagined on this special day.

Selfie with baby boy. 

Using the beauty plus app 😊

Love you baby Kryston. 

Simple, healthy breakfast 

Becoming a Mother, I try to make sure my family is eating well. The recently acquired kitchen toys have been helping me with a mission to prepare nutritious & preservatives free meals. 

With breadmaker, breakfast is easy to prepare. I just put the ingredients in the breadmaker & as fast as 2 hours later, we have a loaf of homemade bread. 

Accompanied with fresh orange juice using slow juicer. There are many wonders of using slow juicer compared to conventional juicer. Do Google about it! 

A simple breakfast that’s satisfying. 

The begining of my bread making journey. And I learnt preservatives free bread have to be kept in air tight container & consumed within two days. Moulds start appearing on the third day. 

Commercial bread last much longer. Do check out the ingredients label for preservatives & chemicals. 

Petit Bateau Baby Clothings – Apr 16

At 32 weeks, my baby bump is obvious & big now. Everyone have been asking me a question, “Have you bought all the newborn baby stuffs?” I replied readily, “No” next I received the wide-eye jaw dropping look. Had a talk with Best Friend B, she convinced me to be prepared & listed the necessary items I will need for second baby.

Last Sunday, I finally told Bret that it’s time to get newborn clothings for our little boy. He was all good even if we have to head town for our shopping.

I like Petit Bateau. When other parents were looking at newborn girls clothings, I actually envied them because the floral and pastel pink were so pretty. I had my time…6 years ago. Now it’s all baby boy shopping.

It was also a good time to get Leia new clothings from Petit Bateau.

Returned home, I showed Bret our children’s clothings. He let out a smile, “so cute”. The bliss of welcoming a baby in our family. Another question I have been asked all the time, “Is Leia excited?” Yes, she is looking forward. Every other day, she kisses my bump and whispers “I love you didi”. Leia has been very sensible reminding me not to bend and etc.

1 more month to go… More things to get.