About Me

A Pisces whose birthday falls on 14th March 1984 and resides in the eastern part of Singapore.

I grew up in a happy environment where my awesome parents love me so much that I want to bring them endless of joy.  As the eldest in the chew family, I have two younger brothers and one younger sister. I dote on them much and takes pride in their filial and kind personality.

At age 26, I married a Pisces man named Bretson whom I dated since secondary school days. At then, we were so young but you know what, dreams do come true. Bret and I grew up together knowing each other family members, including the cousins and grandparents and friends. Our relationship went through different stages of life like taking O Levels together, Same Polytechnic, His National Service Days and our Working life in different companies.

In September 2010, our little baby girl, Leia came into this world. I will never want to forget that magic moment where  Bret, Leia and I were alone together for the first time at the hospital ward. Since her arrival, our days just got happier and happier. Every now and then, I find myself thinking about her and it excites me to buy anything for her, do things with her and planning future activities with her. Leia has become my priority in life.

As for my 3 best friends, I am real fortunate to have Beelian(My First Best Friend), Mrs Ho(Special Best Friend) and Caiyan(Volleyball Best Friend). Their wonderful personalities brings the most amazing experiences in my life. And so grateful to have msn and whatsapp making it so easy to constantly update each others’ life. We can count on each other for a listening ear and discuss about all about the things and people under the sun.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Serena I enjoy reading yr blog Abt yr foodies n cute little girl, do keep them coming in 😀

    Can I chk with u, previously I read that ur fren sells customized swaroskvi hp casings, does she still makes them now? If yes can I order one? If not can help me ask where I can get those?

    Thanks much n hv a great week ahead :))

  2. Hi – i enjoyed your post around Leia’s time in Mindchamps. May I ask which Mindchamps Branch is she studying at?

    My son is currently 23 months old and we have shortlisted Mindchamps as one of our choices. However aware that different branches have different teaching “style” / “culture”, hence the question..


    • Leia was in Mindchamps Tampines Point and we are very pleased with the centre. It’s true that difference branches have some differences due to Franchise Owner/Principal/Teachers 🙂

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