This year, Bret and I tried something different for the first time. We spent our first week travelling to Tokyo, Japan with 2 of his friends. There wasn’t much planning, we reached Japan and explored around freely.

So how was our trip? The word is relax.

For 8 days, Bret and I walked the streets of tokyo enjoying delicious bites and meals each time we rest at a cafe or eatery. On the average, we clocked 20,000 steps in a day which is impossible to reach back at home. Then several times a day, we savoured delicious Japanese-western food. And every night, we unwind with 2 hours of Drinks Buffet. At my “best night”, I had 5 glasses of whiskey, 2 hot sake bottles & 1 pint of beer.

Souls rejuvenated and all the walking in Japan made me a little slimmer. Travel drew us closer to his friends. We look forward to another trip with his friends next year.

This year-end we plan to bring the kids on a family vacation. Can’t wait!
Make up have been routine as I prefer to keep my cosmetics stash neat & simple. So in the pic is my everyday make-up wear.

Face: Sulwhasoo BB Cushion

Eyes : Kates Eyeshadow and Maybelline Eye Liner

Lashes : Dior IT Lashes Mascara

Cheeks: Bobbi Brow Coral Blush shade

Lips: Innisfree Eco Flower Balm

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