Baby Kryston

Although Kryston is getting really close to 1 year old, he’s on the smaller side like 8 months old baby. Carrying him, we have said to him, “You look like a baby!” Isn’t much of concern to us as we looked at his limbs, he’s likely to grow tall like daddy. 

A week before he turns 1 year old, Kryston finally learnt to clap his hands & knows when to clap when we sing “If you happy and you know”. Weeee ! He enjoys being read to & recognises play, revealing his four teeth each time he laughs heartily. 

It’s been a breeze feeding him meals. Baby led weaning doesn’t work well for him and I’m fine with it. I’m not really comfortable with the potential choke and gags experience in BLW. I’ve tried to let Kryston practice feeding himself… yet conclusion is he prefers to be served. Taking it slow as I know I can’t rush. When it’s time, he will pick up fork and spoon to feed himself.

Having number two, parents get a chance to make things better than first. I find myself more relaxed with his milestones progress. Slower than Leia but steady… he gets there. 

As of now, he’s still not able to stand on his own. He refused to go hands-free as he knows he is not ready. My wonderful helper lisa is training him every morning to help him reach a new milestone or attained a new skill like knowing where is his ears, face etc. So far, he has unlocked most of his milestone achievements for his age. 

Everything all good 🙂

Banana Blueberries Muffin (Part 2) 

Afternoon tea break with my little ones. We served the freshly baked sugar-free muffin to Kryston on EzPz mat.

Was curious how would he handle the muffin with his bare hands.

Lots of crumbs as he squeezed and squashed the Muffin in his little hands.

He loves the taste and texture so much, he used the back of his hand to prevent Muffin cramps from coming out of his mouth.

Introduced fork and he held it like he’s brushing his teeth.. hmmm

Enjoying the smell of banana muffin

He was able to hold the fork well and fed himself 😊  Good Job!

About Kryston, he does not have the tendency to put objects into his mouth… and dubious even when it comes to food. The little foodie will ask for food if he sees Leia or adults eating the particular food usually fruit or bread.

Sugar-Free Banana Blueberries Muffin – Approved by Kryston !

Banana & Blueberries Muffin (Part 1) 

My firstborn, Leia loves getting her hands on baking and cooking. And together we baked baby pastry for Kryston.

I used to call her Baby Chef, now she’s promoted to Junior Chef. Leia helped much in the process:

  • Measured & Sieved the Flour
  • Sliced & Mashed the Banana
  • Sliced Blueberries into half
  • Cracked and beat the eggs

One of her Favourite was to Combine the Ingredients.

Time to bake the batter into golden brown nice smelling muffins !

Leia and I sat in front of the oven as we watched the batter transformed. Science !

For the recipe of Sugar-Free Banana Blueberry Muffin for Weaning Babies:

Mummy made Baby FoodMummy made Baby FoodMummy made Baby Food

To be continued …

Herbal Chicken Soup in Carribean Blue French Oven 

Being mom, I gave up personal time where I used to have weekly spa and anytime-evening dinners with friends. Now, after work means home to my kids. They are waiting for me and I miss them too.

New interest were inspired by my children.

Last week, I made herbal chicken soup for Leia using a new round French oven in Carribean blue.

I added 2 bottles Brand’s Essence of Chicken into the soup. Once a week, I prepare herbal soup for Leia to boost her energy and immune system.

Truly love the pot because the premium cast iron retains heat really well. Only need to use a medium to low heat & most importantly, locks in the nutrients and flavour of ingredients more effectively than other cookware. The cool turquoise shade delivers a visual-therapeutic effect as I cook for my family.

I told my friend, the Le Creuset I have at home gonna be one of my legacy with memories.

Keds Kate Spade 

Have been looking at Keds but unsure about adding a pair into my cart until…. this lovely collaboration with Kate Spade got my eyes. 

Like the pink insole and gold imprint. The hardware for lace is gold too. 

When I first unboxed my first pair sneakers after graduation, I was blown away. Simply beautiful in real. There’s two laces to choose, white or dark blue as shown in picture. Comfortable to wear too! 

Gotten this lovely pair from Lazada. 

Growing Interest

The day before her class at Kid Start Now, Leia proudly informed us she had chosen her bag and packed all the things needed in class such as school Chinese textbook and stationery. Mil noticed her enthusiasm.

On actual day, my girl woke me up at 730am as she didn’t want to be late for her 9am class. We reached the centre 10 minutes earlier.

Walking behind her, I admired my morning view and cannot resist taking a picture of Donutella Sweet Shop on my girl. Next detail was her ponytail which she tied on her own. Few days, Leia discovered in “shock” that she is able to tie her hair on her own now. New milestone.

After I dropped her at the centre, drove back home to my boy. It was Lisa’s off day so I need to return home to the little one. And coming home with his hands reaching out to me melts my heart. Played with him for a while and then it was time… Bret woke up earlier so we can pick Leia together. The school is located next to Bedok Central Hawker Centre so we bought breakfast home.

My man has a thing for Chwee Kueh.

And this stall nailed it! The queue is justified because it’s really delicious. I hate to queue but no regrets. Bret and I were satisfied.

At home, Leia took out her homework from Kid Start Now.

I have signed up the Show & Tell Holiday Camp. Online reviews have been great and my hunch tells me she will enjoy.

Now that her interest in Chinese is growing, spelling test is quite a breeze now. Glad I found the right centre for Leia.

P1 Chinese Enrichment : Leia

Ever since Leia started Primary 1, Bret and I takes turn to guide her through English and Maths. For Chinese, it was a challenge for us as home is an English speaking environment. Going to Chinese enrichment classes is quite a norm. My mil and Mother heard from their nephews that their children have been attending Chinese classes so they reminded me that I should enrol Leia into one too.

It was in the back of my head that I need to outsource chinese class.


I need a passionate, experienced teacher who can help Leia to love Chinese. I have a keen interest in Chinese because of my Primary 1 & 2 Chinese teacher. My classmates & I always look forward to his class. Using blackboard and chalk, he infused storytelling through draw & tell as well as games with score system to spur the interest of Chinese history, culture and values. I had 2 great years that helped built my Chinese foundation with enthusiasm. Yet how the rest of my Teachers taught Chinese were easily forgotten.

With that, I learnt that Teachers impact the interest of a child towards the subject.

Back to Leia’s search for Chinese enrichment. One day I was on Facebook, suddenly an advertisement popped up. I visited the website of Kids Start Now.

(Picture Source: Kids Start Now. )

The headline answers what I need totally, helping Leia to love Chinese. Location & fun teaching methods are in sync with what I am looking for, my heart fluttered with joy. Immediately, I called in to arrange for a trial the next day. 

It was Sunday at 9am, very early and I have been having interrupted sleep because of teething Kryston. Still, I went ahead to wake up at 7.30am despite a sleepless night.

At the Centre

We were greeted with very fun-looking classroom and a warm, experienced Chinese teacher. I was told to return 1 hour & 45 minutes later. Drove back home for coffee as I get busy at my laptop till it was time.

Took me only 15 minutes to drive to the school. I was asked to enter the classroom, 老师 introduced her teaching background & shared her observations of Leia’s current progress and potentials. She gave specific praises on Leia for her ability to introduce herself in front of new faces, focus and a fast learner. 老师 was spot on about her confusion in the sound of han yu pin ying as well as writing some Chinese character with incorrect strokes. I was won over.老师 was able to assess Leia while teaching lessons to 6 kids.

Managed to take a picture of Leia in the class. The little girl on the wall reminded me of the mermaid in Tokidoki Jujube Sea Amo. Lol.

老师 says Leia is well-liked by the girl sitting next to her and she enjoyed the class especially the games. My girl nodded with a wide grin on her face.

I was further briefed on the class lesson plan and how the activties engage the students.

(Source: Kids Start Now)

Our P1 classes:

  • Constant oral and Show and Tell practice to help kids excel in school
  • Word recognition and writing exercises following MOE curriculum
  • Exercise to build strong foundation in Han Yu Pin Yin
  • Practice tests to prepare kids for school assessments
  • Reading Programme strengthens reading and vocabulary through animated storybooks
  • $510 for 12 lessons (2 hrs/week)

Decided to sign up as I get Leia’s affirmative response. After class, my little girl began to speak to me in Chinese with confidence. Elated when she said, “I want to go back again, it’s been a fun day for me!”

The centre is conveniently located near Bedok Mrt for at least 2 years. I wished I had signed up earlier.  Had a glimpse of the kindergarten class which seem really fun, Leia asked,”Why am I not in this class?”. Ops. Likely, I will enrol Kryston when he’s 3 years old.