Dinner & Durian 

Last weekend, we had a durian party family gathering at my place. Mil made the loveliest and delicious Siew mai at first attempt. 

Our table was filled with food and what made the dinner enjoyable was sharing the table with my family. Jasmine, my younger Sister works with my in-law and they have great relationship so are my parents with mil. 

Leia is close to my siblings too. They were more than just uncles and aunt to her. She talks to them like friends, played many games together whenever she stays at my mum’s place. 

These days with a great helper Lisa, we get to eat homecooked food most of the time. For dinner, we only dine out once or twice a week. 

The main highlight of this gathering was, Durian. 

Told my Brother about having durian party at my place. He got the durians from a reliable seller at Pasir Ris. The Mao San Wang durians were so popular, he had to call in and ask for the schedule of delivery. According to him, usually sold out within 2 hours. 

And we had the opportunity to savour the creamy, sweet, bitter durian with extremely thin seed. 

Do you know you can remove the durian smell from your hands simply by running water over the white inner shell to your hands ? 

My siblings were stunned and convinced by the experiment 😊

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