Mansor D Cafe with B 

Sometimes, Best Friend B and I would do impromptu lunch together. I had strong cravings for my Favourite Nasi Padang at Far East Plaza. 

My kinda-Happy Meal. I love and cleared everything on my plate. The nasi(rice) & balachan chilli is exceptionally nice 👍🏻 I can hardly find another place comparable to this stall. 

Great place for Chilli-lovers. 

After this, I will need to adopt a much clean-er diet which means Minimise Fried Food, Meat & Carbo like White Rice, Yellow Noodle. After giving birth, my metabolism rate slows down and I have really stubborn water retention. The days of eating anything is over for me. 

A good friend has introduced an affordable vegetarian meal replacement and Chia seed. 

Something has got to change, am doing it. 

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