Baby Shower Party – Apr 2017

One Saturday, we attended my Cousin’s Baby Shower Party at Jurong Safra. The function room makes a great venue for special occasion.

Cute tsum tsum micky theme. Next month I will need to prepare Kryston’s Birthday Party. Hmm I guess I will need dessert table which doubles as a photo booth too.

Gotten a Minnie Mouse Cupcake and Flower Cupcake.. I still like cream over fondant.

Leia gets to mingle with her extended cousins. Watched them grow from toddlers to primary school girls.

The buffet spread was brilliant and Glad to celebrate a joyous full month party of a handsome baby boy, Jace. Now we have more boys to join our big family.

On the way back in the car… Kryston was so excited over the balloon we took back from Party.

When he is in high spirits, he closes his eyes like this …! We called this “Cute Eyes”

Big Sister joined in for pictures with Grandma Audrey in the background. Bret told Leia “Your teeth are coming off and Didi is growing teeth.”

My loving girl who loves her little Brother. She said, “Kryston is the cutest in the world!”

Blogging this cutest moment and mummy loves you both soooo much !

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