Our transition at home 

Towards Primary 1, Bret and I put in effort to help Leia cope with spelling tests and revision. At the same time, having another baby who recently discovered the fun of crawling & cruising around on his own, makes handling both children a new challenge for us. We are the adjustment to settle in time.

Meanwhile, I am trying to create an after-school routine for Leia. Getting there… it works better if I’m around at home. If I’m out for work, my mum and helper lisa can’t handle her… she would watch tv or play till I’m back. Need to fine tune her mentality…

“Work hard then Play hard”

Basically, when Leia returns from school, she would shower first followed by lunch. I have a weekly meal planner for Lisa to prepare daily lunch for Leia. Using Oxo Tot Divided Plate, I told Lisa to prepare tori-q pork and rice for Monday menu. I was super glad by her effort in presentation.

After-School Lunch 

An inviting lunch for Leia.  She requested for more rice. A wholesome meal using a plate to portion out protein, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates.

Homework & Revision (Maximum 2 hours)

Before leisure time, she needs to do her homework;if necessary followed by daily revision of Maths. Her school introduced an online learning platform called Koobits for Maths & we love it.

Revision with her allows me to keep track of her strength and weaknesses. These days, Maths questions are not as straightforward. I came up with a keyword sorting for her.

Things I can do for Leia now. Have been told I should enroll her to kumon & learning lab for Maths. Still considering…

As for language subjects, I try to read English & Chinese storybooks with her to build on her vocabulary. But for Chinese, I have registered her to a trial lesson at Han Language near our place. The content are in sync with MOE Syllabus and she needs more Chinese-speaking environment.

I was told by other mummies that usually the child will take on a more serious attitude during Primary 3 and study on their own. Looking forward to this day.
Leisure or Play Hard Activity 

After homework & revision are completed, Leia gets her free time. She may nap, play with her toys, watch some tv or YouTube. I set time limit for her ipad as I’m concerned about her eyesight and content exposure. And if she displays positive attitude or works really hard during revision, I would let her choose an activity she likes such as bringing her to swim,

bring her out to places she loves like the indoor playground or even baking pastries together and etc…  main aim is to encourage her proactive & diligent attitude towards studying.

Compliments and Concern 

In my opinion, it is important to praise specific good behaviour and attitude. Sometimes, she gets grouchy about homework & Chinese spelling. I would have to explain the need to do so… not easy for us and I am still learning how to make the academic transition process smoother for her.

加油 My little girl!

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