First Thing in the Morning 

Once in a while, mil would bring Leia to her Big Aunt’s place for sleepover. My girl will be thrilled on this day because she gets to bunk in with her first playmate, Jesslyn. And now that we have Kryston who loves her so much, he seemed a bit sad to know big Sister will not be home. 

Leia noticed the gloomy look on Kryston & cheered him, “I promise I will hug you first thing when I am back in the morning.” 

Next morning… we heard the door opened and Leia gave her baby Brother a hug. So fast I didn’t get to take a picture. Siblings Promise fulfilled. 

Kryston held onto his sister’s hand. Clearly, it was a precious sight. 

Leia began to read to him and he continues to held onto her as he used the other hand to reach out the soft book. 

They are 6 years apart yet Leia is the first and only who can make Kryston laugh out loud. When he’s in the mood for play, his eyes widened with excitement the moment he sees Leia. 

Leia loves to hug Kryston and I hope she will remember the many milestones of her baby Brother. 

Love them both. 

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