Thermos Shuttle Chef

Being mum makes me look into recipes & kitchen stuff. And this is common among mothers who wants to make nutritious, delicious food for their little ones. Last year, I got to know about Thermos Shuttle Chef.

Only need to cook ingredients in the given inner pot on the stove for about 10-20mins then put the pot into the thermal outer pot. Totally agreed with the idea of saving gas & keeping the nutrients locked within for hours without electricity.

I waited for a good promotional price … took a year and I got it!

Made Scallop Porridge & Braised Pork using the two inner pots. Not only was the dish warm, there was no need for serving plates. Lesser things to wash, save water.

Another Evening was Spaghetti for dinner. Lisa prepared in the afternoon. She put the sauce & pasta in separate inner pots. Hours later, the pots were still warm.

Another evening was Japanese Curry with Tori-q Rice and Pork Chop. It was Lisa’s first time trying Japanese Curry and she loves it.

Lisa agrees with me there’s lesser pots and plates to wash now. Yummy food as we saves energy & time.

After a long day at work, it is comforting to have an enjoyable home cooked dinner with family. Besides fresh ingredients & good Chef, Food is most tasty when it’s warm 😊

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