Dinner for 2 at Clifford Pier

Another year older, hubby suggested a dinner for two. And I decided Clifford Pier, located in CBD area. I love the colonial rich ambience. The atmosphere was brilliant for all occasions, be it business, gatherings, romantic date or like mine.. Birthday. 

I’ve always wanted to try Lobster Roll in singapore and having read raving reviews, I told Bret “This place for lobster roll!” He set a high price point and was Glad that the actual cost was lower than expected. 

Hubby added Crispy Duck Pancake to our order. We would love to try more dishes but maybe next time. Eyeing the weekend buffet… someday. 

Our dinner was served. Lots of truffle fries… reminding me how easily I put on weight these days and I should avoid deep fried potatoes. 

The crispy pancake is similar to Peking duck except it’s fried pancake & the roast duck was soooo good ! 

The lobster alone was remarkable, the freshness of seafood and sauce made my taste bud really happy. 

After we were done with dinner, I cannot help thinking of our kids. Dear hubby thinks we should chill a while more, just of two. We strolled towards the nearest outdoor drinking place which oversees the float & iconic Marina Bay Sands. 

I have been craving for oysters so ordered the minimum at $8 per piece. Looking at the size, felt ripped off 😒

And our night view was pretty spectacular. A place new to me. 

Simply enchanting. 

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