Birthday – 2017

On actual day, Bret was ready to drive me to anywhere my heart desires. I told him about bringing the kids to see balloons at Marina Square. This year is the first time we have Kryston, the latest addition to our family.

Before balloons exhibition, we walked around the mall looking for a child-friendly restaurant. Settled for Hifumi, Japanese restaurant for decent food at reasonable price.

I like the aburi don and the idea of side buffet table for every main course order. One of the side, chawanmushi and its free flow.

Also, every kid’s meal come with a free toy !

I used to put 20cent to $1 coin into the machine, now that I’m a parent… I was shocked to see the prices now. At this restaurant, it’s free. Leia noticed the machine right from the moment we stepped in… alas…

To the Sea of Wonder Exhibition …

Didn’t take much pictures as Leia is not really keen in the balloons. Outgrown ? We had a very quick tour. By the time hubby ended his businesss call, he was shocked to know we were done.

View from 2nd level…

Checking out my sea Amo Hobobe. Looks pretty nice of hubby. Haha. A new age & hands-on Father who was more concerned about the weight if I carry than how people look at him.

Next stop, “Harry Potter Cafe” at Serangoon.,

The cafe has a shelf of wizard props and my little girl brought some to our table. I dressed up my baby…

Leia with a magical wand!

We had the flaming brew, their a signature sweet cocktail.

If I could, I would want to experience something new with my loved ones every weekend. Watch their response and learn a new thing or two together.

After cafe, it was time for home. Ordered Chicken Up wings and Korea pancake for dinner. I made homemade muah chee…

And pizza with ham & cheese

Freshly baked and the portion was just right for all of us including our helpers. Lots of cheese is always a good idea.

The cream was light accompanied with fluffy sponge cake and generous amount of strawberries.

Thank you Hubby for everything 🙂

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