Sea Amo at Aquarium 

Tokidoki-Jujube bags make me want to bring my kids out often. Dear vbff surprised me with Sea Amo Hobobe. Wasn’t love at first sight but it’s so amazing in real. Tokidoki is truly a brilliant art that brings happiness and joy to mummies & babies.

With Sea Amo, I decided to bring my kids to Sea Aquarium.

Jujube slogan, “Smart Bags for Smart People”. I was able to pack diaper & feeding needs in it. At the moment, I still prefer Hobobe for day trip and in Leia’s Fairytella Minibe, I have tula blankets and stuffs I couldn’t put in my hobobe.

Educational too, I pointed out the sharks mermaids and sea creatures to my baby boy.

Reached our destination, Sentosa. Feels like tourist. Bret babywear his boy in Tula Emulsion. It’s so comfortable for hubby, the record was 5 hours babywear at zoo trip.

Look at the stunning Sea Amo Hobobe at the aquarium. For Sea Amo, I really like the mermaids but the donutella in bubble steals mummies’ hearts. I don’t have the donutella so added my own version, Donutella Fobs!

When I was a kid, my parents would take my siblings and me to the zoo, animal farms, Sentosa and Parks. Now it’s my turn to create memories for my children. In Singapore, there’s plenty of children activities and places to visit… Long list and yet to visit all.

Then we saw the Glowing Candy Floss.. with a $7 price tag. Little girl had her wish-of-the-day granted.

Leia admiring her Glowing Candy Floss.

So Long as I can still afford and you’re happy my dear 😅

Kryston was sleeping the whole time. We were enjoying being away from home and bringing science to life looking at the sea animals …

Touching the star fish and sea cucumbers…

An opportunity to view animals up close, see their habitat and behaviour in the sea.

Homely hubby understands the need to bring our kids out. I think he enjoys baby wearing and agrees to almost anywhere I proposed these days.

More to come !

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