Activity Centre and Baby Pasta 

Being a 2016 mum is very different from 2010 when I first entered motherhood. I’m buying a lot more baby stuff than ever. There is just so many things we can buy for the little ones and it can be a real struggle for shopaholics.

Questioning ourselves, “Should I?”, “I really like it but it is not necessary..”, “hmm..” Ask the hubby and he says “No. Don’t waste money.” Ask friends, sometimes you might get even more confused.

Since the day Kryston was born, there is always something new in our baby inventory. From essentials to fun to maybe we don’t really need.

Last month, I got a Skip Hop 3-Stage Activity Centre for my boy and I just knew he will like it. Love that it is transitional and portable. The weight is light, Leia can even carry it around the house.

I’m still thinking if I should get him a walker where he can move around the house. I’m hesitating because I remember Leia tends to tiptoe as she walks without the walker. Another reason has to be space in the house.

With Kryston, I get to experiment more varieties of baby food. Introducing pasta to my little foodie with the use of Philips Baby Food Maker. So here’s the ingredients:

Cherry Tomatoes, Pumpkin and Wild Salmon

After peeling and deseeding the cherry tomatoes, I steamed all the ingredients in food maker.

Then I add the cooked baby pasta into the food maker and flipped over to blend.

There’s my tomato-pumpkin salmon pasta for my 8 months old.

With Skip Hop Bee Feeding Bowl, I would motivate Kryston to finish his meal so he can see the cutest bee.

And I absolutely love Oxo Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon. Highly recommend.

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