Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Transitional Cup – 8 months old 

Times flies, Kryston has grown so much. His motor skill is pretty good and I decided it was time to introduce sippy cup. After some research, I got Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Sippy Cup. 

One of the reasons I love Oxo Tot, it’s the aqua Colour & simple design. Also the sippy cup has a transitional lid to guide my boy when he’s ready to drink from the cup. 

It’s anti-leak and soft for his toothless gum. 

At first impression, he was busy exploring putting his attention on the cover. 

Kryston likes to nibble the cover so I would remove the detachable cover so that he can focus on drinking water.

It’s important to have an adult to supervise while little one drinks from sippy cup. The first couple of sips were too much but given time, he will learn to control the amount of pressure and how he should tilt the bottle. 

Maybe I should do a video on the sippy cup 🙂 

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