CNY 2017 – Part 2  

The annual Chinese New Year friends gathering was another highlight of the festive. Leia gets to hang out with little girls while her parents catch up with friends whom we don’t always meet. 

Evening time, Bret’s Friend brought his family over. They were having fun playing till around 9.30pm. 

It was time for Leia & Kryston to rest. Our secondary school friends came for some poker games. One of the fun part of cny. Bret enjoyed himself even though he was’t winning  and they played till almost dawn. Living the spirit of cny poker. 

Following Day was meeting her Favourite Cousins for dinner and our family Friend, Glenn and Peony for hotpot at our place. I’ve gotten 海底捞麻辣 Soup Base and it tastes was as good as at restaurant ! 

Glad that my guests enjoyed themselves ! 

I need to activate cleansing or diet. It’s so hard to pick a date to detox when I am always craving for grills & hotpot. 

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