Long time since I pen my thoughts at WordPress. Busy with kids and work.

So how’s 2017 for you? For me, work is better than 2016 yet at the same time, I am struggling with the mixed emotions of being a working mother every day.

Told my girl Friend, “Working mothers are going against Nature.”

In the morning, Leia goes to school and I prepare for work. And often, I get this heavy feeling of leaving my baby and child at home for work. My helper Lisa has to work abroad leaving behind her 9-year-old Daughter to earn, while I leave Kryston to her care so I can work. And because I feel her position as a mum, I respect and make her feel she’s part of our family. If not for her greatness, I would not be able to work with ease, have ample of rest and quality time with family.

Thank God Lisa’s been wonderful in every way and both my children adore her.  Just look at how she plays with my little boy.

Back to routine, afternoon time my mum would pick up Leia from school and comes to our house to take care of Kryston while Lisa does housework & cooking. Evening time, we have family dinner and quality time together. On weekends, I let Lisa wake up much later like 8 am as weekdays she has to wake up early to prepare Leia for her primary school on weekdays.

I feel blessed to have a wonderful helper & strong family support to take care of my children and house when Bret and I are out for work or leisure. Randomly & frequently, I would buy small gifts and snacks for her to show my gratitude.Towards Lisa, it is a two-way relationship whereby we appreciate each other openly.  Somehow, I am naturally concerned that she is happy working with us. 

Hmm… I’m pretty used to having Lisa in our life now.

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