Mookata with Best Friend B

One of the best lunches has to be with my dear Best Friend. We went for mookata at Bugis Junction and it was wonderful. 

The service, chilli sauce, marinated meat, vegetables & the best broth in our opinion. 

And my companion is someone whom I talk about anything under the sun. Our kids, work, family and everything about our life. 

Will go back again. But I need a longer interval because metabolism is so much slower now. I’m taking supplements and enzymes for better digestions & increase metabolism.

Exercise is something I should do however having a 8 months old and primary school kid accompanied with pretty demanding work, I prefer to just lie in bed check out Instagrams & dayre during free time. 

Yummy Food is my comfort therapy to hectic life. I miss Arnold chicken suddenly. 

Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Transitional Cup – 8 months old 

Times flies, Kryston has grown so much. His motor skill is pretty good and I decided it was time to introduce sippy cup. After some research, I got Oxo Tot Soft Sprout Sippy Cup. 

One of the reasons I love Oxo Tot, it’s the aqua Colour & simple design. Also the sippy cup has a transitional lid to guide my boy when he’s ready to drink from the cup. 

It’s anti-leak and soft for his toothless gum. 

At first impression, he was busy exploring putting his attention on the cover. 

Kryston likes to nibble the cover so I would remove the detachable cover so that he can focus on drinking water.

It’s important to have an adult to supervise while little one drinks from sippy cup. The first couple of sips were too much but given time, he will learn to control the amount of pressure and how he should tilt the bottle. 

Maybe I should do a video on the sippy cup 🙂 

Valentine Day 2017 

I have lost count of our years together. Bret says it’s our 19th Valentine Day. Didn’t need any dine out, we wanted to be home with our children.

Picked up Leia from school, I took my parents and kids for lunch at Sushi Tei then shopped at Smiggle. Returned home, we saw a bouquet of roses.

Hubby chose laced bouquet as he wanted something different from previous bouquets. Appreciate his thoughts ❤️ 

We had seafood dinner at home. I ordered from Melben Seafood and hubby picked up at allocated time. I have never queued and ate at the famous Ang Mo Kio. 

This is our first time having Melben Crabs! 

My mum joined us for dinner followed by mil and sis. Spending the day with people we love. 

Happy Valentine ! 

In New Car 

This year, we have a second car. One of our bucket list checked. Took me a while to get used to the seating and leg spacing. 

Drove to a corporate Chinese New Year lunch where I had to wait for a carpark lot so …it’s selfie time since I had nothing to do. 

I need a new work bag although I have many of Jujube Tokidoki bags. Told myself to restrain from overbuying but… too cute to resist. 

Friendship also becomes more special when you have friends who shared sentiments towards the happy bags. The price is affordable but not atm-friendly when you start collecting… 

Need to work Super hard for my family, future and collectibles. 

CNY 2017 – Part 2  

The annual Chinese New Year friends gathering was another highlight of the festive. Leia gets to hang out with little girls while her parents catch up with friends whom we don’t always meet. 

Evening time, Bret’s Friend brought his family over. They were having fun playing till around 9.30pm. 

It was time for Leia & Kryston to rest. Our secondary school friends came for some poker games. One of the fun part of cny. Bret enjoyed himself even though he was’t winning  and they played till almost dawn. Living the spirit of cny poker. 

Following Day was meeting her Favourite Cousins for dinner and our family Friend, Glenn and Peony for hotpot at our place. I’ve gotten 海底捞麻辣 Soup Base and it tastes was as good as at restaurant ! 

Glad that my guests enjoyed themselves ! 

I need to activate cleansing or diet. It’s so hard to pick a date to detox when I am always craving for grills & hotpot. 

CNY 2017 – Part 1

This year, lunar festive came early and ended faster than before. Things we need to do when it comes to Lunar Chinese New Year, buy new clothes & prepare red packets. Mil bought silk traditional cny clothings for the kiddos. 

The night before, Bret and I prepared the red packets together. It was open ceremony for Hello Sanrio Be Set because of its red inner linings to match the festive. 

Inspired by Jujube mummies, I packed the red packets in the medium set piece. It was so fun whenever my “happy bags” are involved. 

There’s my little boy, Kryston and his first cny. We were waiting in the car as first stop is always at the temple. Mil & Hubby started Cny day 1 by giving thanks to God and seek blessings for the new year. 

At 8 months old, my little one was not comfortable with new faces. Bret’s relatives tried to carry him and immediately his eyes welled up with tears. He cried for a while. Was it because we don’t bring him out as often or it’s just the stranger anxiety phase? 

Leia was having so much fun playing with his Bret’s Cousin Daughter. Everytime the girls meet, they would called out each other’s name with excitement. 

All household would prepare cny dessert soup for family and guests. 

May everyone have a sweet beginnings in the year of rooster! 


Long time since I pen my thoughts at WordPress. Busy with kids and work.

So how’s 2017 for you? For me, work is better than 2016 yet at the same time, I am struggling with the mixed emotions of being a working mother every day.

Told my girl Friend, “Working mothers are going against Nature.”

In the morning, Leia goes to school and I prepare for work. And often, I get this heavy feeling of leaving my baby and child at home for work. My helper Lisa has to work abroad leaving behind her 9-year-old Daughter to earn, while I leave Kryston to her care so I can work. And because I feel her position as a mum, I respect and make her feel she’s part of our family. If not for her greatness, I would not be able to work with ease, have ample of rest and quality time with family.

Thank God Lisa’s been wonderful in every way and both my children adore her.  Just look at how she plays with my little boy.

Back to routine, afternoon time my mum would pick up Leia from school and comes to our house to take care of Kryston while Lisa does housework & cooking. Evening time, we have family dinner and quality time together. On weekends, I let Lisa wake up much later like 8 am as weekdays she has to wake up early to prepare Leia for her primary school on weekdays.

I feel blessed to have a wonderful helper & strong family support to take care of my children and house when Bret and I are out for work or leisure. Randomly & frequently, I would buy small gifts and snacks for her to show my gratitude.Towards Lisa, it is a two-way relationship whereby we appreciate each other openly.  Somehow, I am naturally concerned that she is happy working with us. 

Hmm… I’m pretty used to having Lisa in our life now.