In the car 

It’s 2 mins past midnight. My little ones and hubby are well asleep. Can’t bring myself to sleep as though… something wonderful is going to happen. 

And here’s my Perky Toki Hobobe from vbff. She managed to get it for me and I cannot be more thankful because I love it so much maybe a bit more than DSS Hobobe. 

Donutella Fob & Love from Vbff makes everything about this bag so right. 

I like hobobe because I can crossbody & it’s enough for Kryston’s diaperbag needs. My cousins were in shocked that I managed to pack everything in. Well, I used the available compartments without using any Jujube Quicks or Be sets. 

Be Organised is my new Best Friend for diaper bags now. 

In the car with Kryston while Leia takes the front passenger seat. We were on our way to Vivo city for cny shopping. 

Did my eyebrow and lashes, gotten new dresses from online shopping. I am pretty much ready for cny. 

Await family gathering & yummy steamboat! 

2 thoughts on “In the car 

    • Yes it’s 6D embroidery. You may Google Cindy Eyebrow Embroidery, Parklane. There’s a touch up after a month and so far it’s only my 3rd month. Supposed to last 1 year or more

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