Morning Boy 

Today at 6am Kryston woke me up with his whims & curls towards me. His eyes were still closed as I carried him out to make formula milk. The light woke him up and almost instantly he smiled widely to me, greeting “Good Morning”. He was in the mood to play. Ops. 

I watched him play on his own in bed.. lying down holding the Tula blanket, he likes to look for the label and could look at it for the longest time. Carried him out to living room as I passed Leia her daily pocket money. He grinned to both Leia & my helper Lisa who would then bring her to school via bus. 

Time to return bedroom, it was 6.45am I switched off the light and we both in bed as I nursed him to sleep within 5 minutes. 

My little boy is back to dreamland while his big sis makes her way to school. After this entry, I’m going to taking a morning nap 🙂 


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