Kryston – 7 months old 

I am loving every growing moment of Kryston. He laughs and engages in babbling conversation with us. On his own, he can sit, pull his toys closer to him and study new objects with his curious eyes & nimble hands. 

Peekaboo is a classic game all babies love. He can laugh hysterically when Leia plays with him. 

Seems like Leia is his favourite person at home. With mischievous eyes, he would initiate to play with his Sister & baby talk with her. 

He loves being read to and enjoys looking at picture books. My Mother reads to him when she’s at my place. His routine is of sleeping, feeding and play is established. When we do bring him out, he’s still good. Tula baby carrier has lots of sleeping dust & I would prepare organic snack pouches for my children. 

At night the little boy sleeps between Bret and myself. When he’s about to wake up at 8-8.30am, he would lie very close to me so he can be nursed. 

The moment he is awake, he would smile widely making my morning feel so perfect & loved. 

Indulging in the joy of having baby at home. 

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