Visit to Zoorasic Park


Today I used Innisfree Eco Flower Balm ($13) and love the colour on my lips. The colour brings radiance to my face. Super love this Korean skincare brand.

As it was last day of Zoorasic Park, I told hubby we should bring Leia and yes… Kryston too. Bought the promotional tickets online, packed our bags & ready for Zoo Trip!

Quite a journey from our place to zoo, I asked Leia to take a nap she replied “it’s fine, I want to listen to songs (kiss 92 radio)” Kryston didn’t want to nap too, he prefers looking out of the window. Still in car, we encountered drizzle. I asked Leia to pray for rain to stop. Thank God, our prayers were heard 😊

Bret insisted on babywearing Kryston with tula baby carrier.  He chose Emulsion Tula Wrap Conversion and does suits him a lot. Manage to get this from retail at one of the expo baby fair.

And Leia carrying KJC Mini Be. Kryston’s favourite Jujube print, the colours and drawings fascinates him. Messy at first impression but the more you can look it, the more you get drawn into.

Carrying the Dino print as we entered the dinosaur trail … At 6 years old, Leia wasn’t as afraid but she was not keen to take pictures with bigger “dinosaur”.

Baby dino hatched from eggs are cute to her.

We saw little children crying as their parents try to bring them near the dinosaurs for selfies. I can understand that.. not Kryston yet. He was cool like adult, looking around.

From time to time, I would ask Bret if he wants to let me Tula Kryston while he rest… his reply, “Its alright, not heavy for me.”Father and son bonding in tula. I can still picture the scene of Bret melting with smiles as Kryston looked up giving him the cutest eye contact.

In this trip, we covered almost every part of the zoo. Having a baby, we skipped the animal shows though. Two hours past, we took a break enjoying ice cream and snacks. 

There’s Kryston’s wide smile, his typical facial expression whenever he looks at his big sister. Sibling love.

Time to explore the River Fishes….

#Tip: Do bring a pencil along so your child can engage in the activity sheet provided by River Safari.

Queued up to touch the starfish.. reminds me of Underwater World.

And we saw many type of fishes.. the big ones always get longer attention.

And we like the air-conditioned large aquarium featuring the “river”

Finally, one of the main highlight… Panda! Coolest habitat which we enjoyed especially after much walk under the sun at zoo.

After watching the Panda, we found ourselves at the chinese restaurant and ordered some food.

Panda Chocolate Custard Bun which was better than reviews I have heard. Maybe the recipe was improvised.

Selfie with Kryston.  In the tula, he slept twice on daddy’s chest. Bret was surprised our 6 months old was not cranky and behaved well. I guess he was excited to be out exploring with us.

All in all, we spent close to 5 hours at Zoo and River Safari. Family time, my favourite time.