I wish…

In my background, I’m listening to Yuna’s Lullabies comfortably lying in bed as I blog. Finally, I’ve time and … inspiration to write something about my thoughts. Having a newborn and working at the same have made me busier than ever. Time is just not enough. Whenever I’m nursing Kryston or playing with him, I wished countless times… I don’t have to work..

Two decades ago, I was a kid and I wished .. my parents would buy me all the toys I love. Like Polly Pocket. In kindergarten, I made friends and learnt childhood games like hopscotch, catching, zero point and I wished… I could play with my friends as long as I want. Grew a little older, I had to start school on a serious note and I wished … for freedom to sleep longer and just watch my favourite cartoons on tv. In my teens life, I began to read magazines like Teenage, Her World, Cleo… was it the magazine? I began to wish… I know who is my Mr Right. Very soon, I met Bret at age 14 not knowing he’s gonna be my lifetime partner… Incredibly comfortable with each other, it was hard to leave each other. Finished education, I was determined to have a career and wished …to be self-employed. Years into work life, I wished … to travel around the world so I could shop out of sg & unwind from work stress. Reached mid-20s, Bret and I have loved each other for 12 years… time to tie the knot. Finally married to Bret , I wished …. for a lovely house for our family. And we moved from houses to houses. Then the amazing moment, I was pregnant and I wished.. for my baby to be safe and healthy. Leia, my beautiful little girl came into our life. The surreal feeling of being a first time parent. Bret and I had much more to learn and work on our patience. By the time Leia entered preschool, we wished …. for a baby sibling to play with her. 6 years later, Kryston, our youngest family member arrived, Bret and I fell in love again.

As a mum in my early 30s now, I wish…. I can just focus on my children. They need me as much as I need them.

Holding their little hands, hugging and sniffing them completes me.

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