Beauty Loot: Nov 2016 

Sunday afternoon, I am coughing with a really hoarse voice. I woke up thinking I lost my voice. I was feeling lazy and wanted to just rest at home however Bret needed to get some stuffs so we head out to the mall. 

He asked if I need anything, my answer was “no” but I had a feeling I’ll not be going home empty-handed. Indeed. 

Besides buying food home, I got myself new beauty items from Innisfree that’s mild on skin yet effective. Price point is very affordable too. 
Decided to try Apple Gel Cleanser, Apple Super gel to remove waterproof make up & Flower Tint Lip Balm. Purchased more than $50, I received a free Green Tea Seed special kit. 

My BOTD : Jujube Dreamworld Be Quick

Goes well with my turquoise top, the print on my bag made me feel really young at heart. Love the characters…Donutella on cloud, kitty boxer, kitty hero & kitty astronaut. 

I feel love when I look at my jujube collection. A feeling only jujube fans will understand. The hubbies are getting it too! Bret noticed how contented I am just looking at the bags. He is amused at my new muse. So am I. 

I wish…

In my background, I’m listening to Yuna’s Lullabies comfortably lying in bed as I blog. Finally, I’ve time and … inspiration to write something about my thoughts. Having a newborn and working at the same have made me busier than ever. Time is just not enough. Whenever I’m nursing Kryston or playing with him, I wished countless times… I don’t have to work..

Two decades ago, I was a kid and I wished .. my parents would buy me all the toys I love. Like Polly Pocket. In kindergarten, I made friends and learnt childhood games like hopscotch, catching, zero point and I wished… I could play with my friends as long as I want. Grew a little older, I had to start school on a serious note and I wished … for freedom to sleep longer and just watch my favourite cartoons on tv. In my teens life, I began to read magazines like Teenage, Her World, Cleo… was it the magazine? I began to wish… I know who is my Mr Right. Very soon, I met Bret at age 14 not knowing he’s gonna be my lifetime partner… Incredibly comfortable with each other, it was hard to leave each other. Finished education, I was determined to have a career and wished …to be self-employed. Years into work life, I wished … to travel around the world so I could shop out of sg & unwind from work stress. Reached mid-20s, Bret and I have loved each other for 12 years… time to tie the knot. Finally married to Bret , I wished …. for a lovely house for our family. And we moved from houses to houses. Then the amazing moment, I was pregnant and I wished.. for my baby to be safe and healthy. Leia, my beautiful little girl came into our life. The surreal feeling of being a first time parent. Bret and I had much more to learn and work on our patience. By the time Leia entered preschool, we wished …. for a baby sibling to play with her. 6 years later, Kryston, our youngest family member arrived, Bret and I fell in love again.

As a mum in my early 30s now, I wish…. I can just focus on my children. They need me as much as I need them.

Holding their little hands, hugging and sniffing them completes me.