My First Jujube Bags 

Kryston is the reason I bought Jujube but as I explored the bags, I got addicted.

Gotten a Be Classy in Monarch Print. Primarily for work because I need to bring my electric pump out. It’s so classy, many were shocked when I told them it’s my diaper bag. Commonly I would hear, “It’s nice bag & I won’t know it’s a diaper bag if you didn’t tell me.” *hugz* Be Classy.

Be Quick in Duchess Print.

I use it to store portable lightweight pump,  pump accessories or diapers + extra set of clothing.

Here’s Be Quick in Be Classy when I took Kryston to Paedistric for vaccination.

Had my nursing shawl in the mesh pockets. The chic-looking bag & organised compartments came well together.

I am Glad I was attracted to tag line, “Smart bags for Smart people”.

More Jujube coming !

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