London here we come ! 

Another Europe trip with hubby & dear Daughter. This time we are heading London & we have a noon flight to catch.

The night before little 3 months old Kryston was sleeping by my side. Through the night, my little guy was sleeping next to me and time to time I hugged my little guy kissed his forehead and Nursed him…Having Kryston, I get mixed feelings about our Europe trip.

Just have to wait till my guy is a little older and we can all travel together.

In this trip, I brought Jujube Be Right Back in Black Magic Print. Got it from Pupsik Studio and I so love it.

The waterproof material is perfect for London weather too. Heard that there would be sudden burst of rain. Every time I looked at my Be Right Back, I feel myself melting with love.

Bret looking at the flight menu and Leia gets her ear piece ready for entertainment. She was also given a child play pack.

6.42 hrs more to London, Heathrow airport. Listening to smooth jazz songs right now. Love SIA inflight entertainment but not the food….

As I didn’t indicate child’s meal during my booking of flight, Leia was served adult food.

Met a really thoughtful, professional & beautiful senior cabin crew.

She initiated to help me to inform the crew of my return flight that I would like child’s meal. It was a full flight, some cabin crews tend to overlook passenger requests or needs but I am thankful to meet a senior cabin crew who remembered my needs. And she’s really elegant too.

Definitely the best cabin crew I’ve met.

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