Impromptu Chill Out at Joo Bar – Part 2 

Over at Bugis, we entered Joo Bar. A Korean chill out place introduced by our Friend, Ivan. A new concept for us to explore.. we were looking at the menu wondering which should we try. And we ordered the “Korean Wine Sampler Set”

Bret likes the original best. I’m good with all…

A sip of Soju in this spontaneous night with dear hubby.

In Korean drama, we often see a combination of Beer + Fried Wings.. so we added the Korean fried wings to our table. I like it, flavourful and crispy.

Wearing his gift around my neck tonight. Shall blog about my latest necklace in next entry 🙂

Our date night picture as parents of 6 years old and 2 months old.

Last order was rice wine with higher alcohol content.. to get that kick before we called it a night. Good to mix with beer. Towards midnight, Korean pub songs with fantastic bass and beat were played. If only we heard the songs earlier…

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves at Joo Bar. A place we would go back because of the food, atmosphere and drinks.

Joo Bar

5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094

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