Atlas Surprise 

One evening, Bret returned home from work. He was looking serious but I didn’t ask him anything as I was having a chat with confinement auntie then.

Instead of taking his usual shower, he interrupted my casual chat with auntie & asked me to see our Son in the bedroom. Looking at his serious face, I was worried for a moment until … I saw a beautiful tiffany blue box laying next to 1 month old Kryston!

Mr Khoo has successfully surprised me in a sweet way.

Atlas Round Necklace (Picture from Tiffany & Co)

I love the name of this pendant from Atlas Collection. Meaningful to us.

Introduced in 1995, the collection is named for the mythic Greek god who holds aloft an enormous globe—an apt symbol for a collection that makes an impact around the world.

Ever since our Santorini trip, I would love to travel around the globe with him.

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