Loving Sister & Brother

One of my favourite pictures of the Khoo siblings. It’s evident that little Brother adores his big Sister. He looks for her voice & smiles easily when she plays or cuddles him. 

Coming 6 years old, Leia loves his little Brother very much too. Often, she tells us she misses him & asked to carry him in her arms. A loving sight that melts mummy and daddy hearts. 

Still, there is more than just love when you introduce a new baby sibling to firstborn. 

Not able to give Leia full attention like before makes her moody. An inevitable phase for new mothers of two. Bret & I try our best to balance quality time between Leia & Kryston. It’s not easy as newborn needs ample of tender loving care. At the same time, Leia is still adjusting to the idea of sharing mummy & daddy’s love with our youngest family member. 

This coming September, Bret and I will be bringing our little girl to London for holiday. A yearly incentive holiday trip by my company and it happens to fall in September, Leia’s birthday month. Just the three of us. 

Travelling allows me to see an independent & adventurous Leia. As her parent, I get to show her how big the world is & embracing the differences in cultures, lifestyle & everything new. 

Leia is looking forward as she loves taking planes, staying in hotels & explore new places with her parents. She is very excited about the upcoming trip and as a nursing mother, I have much to prepare in this 1 week trip. Oh my… 

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