Atlas Surprise 

One evening, Bret returned home from work. He was looking serious but I didn’t ask him anything as I was having a chat with confinement auntie then.

Instead of taking his usual shower, he interrupted my casual chat with auntie & asked me to see our Son in the bedroom. Looking at his serious face, I was worried for a moment until … I saw a beautiful tiffany blue box laying next to 1 month old Kryston!

Mr Khoo has successfully surprised me in a sweet way.

Atlas Round Necklace (Picture from Tiffany & Co)

I love the name of this pendant from Atlas Collection. Meaningful to us.

Introduced in 1995, the collection is named for the mythic Greek god who holds aloft an enormous globe—an apt symbol for a collection that makes an impact around the world.

Ever since our Santorini trip, I would love to travel around the globe with him.

Impromptu Chill Out at Joo Bar – Part 2 

Over at Bugis, we entered Joo Bar. A Korean chill out place introduced by our Friend, Ivan. A new concept for us to explore.. we were looking at the menu wondering which should we try. And we ordered the “Korean Wine Sampler Set”

Bret likes the original best. I’m good with all…

A sip of Soju in this spontaneous night with dear hubby.

In Korean drama, we often see a combination of Beer + Fried Wings.. so we added the Korean fried wings to our table. I like it, flavourful and crispy.

Wearing his gift around my neck tonight. Shall blog about my latest necklace in next entry 🙂

Our date night picture as parents of 6 years old and 2 months old.

Last order was rice wine with higher alcohol content.. to get that kick before we called it a night. Good to mix with beer. Towards midnight, Korean pub songs with fantastic bass and beat were played. If only we heard the songs earlier…

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves at Joo Bar. A place we would go back because of the food, atmosphere and drinks.

Joo Bar

5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094

Impromptu Chill Out at Barcanary – Part 1 

One night, Bret had an errand in town. I accompanied him & then suggested visiting some chill out places. 

The nearest place was Barcanary. A rooftop bar at Park Royal Hotel opposite of Paragon. 

Trying out Strawberry Margarita Pop ! 

Majority of the crowd were ladies. A place suitable for dating couples or ladies talk…basically you can chat anything under the stars. 

Putting us at a chill out place seems kinda weird somehow. Can’t chat like friends neither sweethearts. No idea why. 

Married for 6 yrs, Bret and I still talk a lot. We do it over WhatsApp, meals, in the car and home. 

Anyway, we didn’t stay long. I wanted to explore new things & places with my dear hubby so … we hopped over to Bugis. 

Turquoise & Shopping

Having Kryston, I am drawn to light blue and turquoise shade whenever I shop. His daily after bath essentials : Pigeon Newborn Pure Calming Oil to massage and a bit to style his hair. Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder for his chubby face. Spectra S1 for pump.

As a working mum, I need a lightweight & portable pump so …. I bought Spectra 9 plus at the recent baby fair. My mum thinks I’m crazy over pumps… I still have an avent manual pump…  But I really need one as I move around.

I’ve also gotten Autumnz Milk Storage Bottles. These are wide-neck bottles so they fit my pumps and avent teats well.

Love the bottles and turquoise caps. And my first Jujube … Dancing Dahlias Fuel Cell for my on-the-go bottles.

I’ve been shopping non-stop … for baby and me.

Cherished Moments

Knowing I will miss his newborn moments, I’m like a paparazzi to Kryston. In my phone gallery, there’s countless of Kryston pictures. Once, I accompanied Bret to his friend’s wedding dinner. I missed my boy and look at this picture for a Long time.

Leia & Kryston look alike as newborn but 6 years ago, the resolution for camera phone isn’t as good. When I look back at my daughter’s baby photos, I wished I had more.

Back then, Bret didn’t like that I took pictures & videos all the time. He thought I should just focus on real time. It was until she was older and I flashed back her baby & toddler pictures & videos then he understood.

Children grow up fast. Camera captures the cherished moment forever. And Leia could see how she was like as a toddler too.

Loving Sister & Brother

One of my favourite pictures of the Khoo siblings. It’s evident that little Brother adores his big Sister. He looks for her voice & smiles easily when she plays or cuddles him. 

Coming 6 years old, Leia loves his little Brother very much too. Often, she tells us she misses him & asked to carry him in her arms. A loving sight that melts mummy and daddy hearts. 

Still, there is more than just love when you introduce a new baby sibling to firstborn. 

Not able to give Leia full attention like before makes her moody. An inevitable phase for new mothers of two. Bret & I try our best to balance quality time between Leia & Kryston. It’s not easy as newborn needs ample of tender loving care. At the same time, Leia is still adjusting to the idea of sharing mummy & daddy’s love with our youngest family member. 

This coming September, Bret and I will be bringing our little girl to London for holiday. A yearly incentive holiday trip by my company and it happens to fall in September, Leia’s birthday month. Just the three of us. 

Travelling allows me to see an independent & adventurous Leia. As her parent, I get to show her how big the world is & embracing the differences in cultures, lifestyle & everything new. 

Leia is looking forward as she loves taking planes, staying in hotels & explore new places with her parents. She is very excited about the upcoming trip and as a nursing mother, I have much to prepare in this 1 week trip. Oh my…