His Sleep Routine 

Coming 2 months old, Kryston sleeps from 10pm to 7am with 1 or 2 in-between wakes for brief nursing. Auntie Ruilian had set a sleep routine allowing him to recognise day & night. Every night Auntie Ruilian will talk to Kryston, ,”喝奶就睡了ok (After milk, it’s time to sleep)”  Its like a daily drill.

She told me, “Kryston needs to sleep with the lights off. ”

Indeed. At 9.30pm Kryston gets cranky if he’s not in bed or the bedroom lights is still on. So we learnt to switch off the lights & have a dim light at a corner.

So our sleep routine goes:


  • Diffuse Gentle Baby oil with sleeping light on
  • Bedroom lights off
  • A bottle of formula milk
  • Nurse him to sleep (if necessary)
  • Burp & zzz

I had planned exclusive breastmilk but Kryston had jaundice…

Common factors for newborn jaundice

  • Genes (In my health booklet, I had jaundice at birth)
  • Mother & Baby have different blood group
  • Early birth (I delivered at 37 weeks)
  • Diet (Ginger during confinement)

After I omitted ginger in my diet, his jaundice didn’t show any signs of fading. Auntie Ruilian was concerned & suggested getting formula. She gave Kryston only a bottle for his night feed. Initially, Kryston didn’t want formula but Auntie Ruilian overcome the rejection within days. She’s our saviour in many ways. I’m good with formula, easier for care takers.

The idea worked. His jaundice improved and best of all, he could sleep longer. “

So far my sleepless night has happened twice. That’s when Kryston hits Growth Spurt, he would need his feed every 2 hours, even at night.

It’s unavoidable to sleep well with newborn and I’m all good to be there for my baby boy.

His Tummy Time 

Kryston is able hold his head up pretty well. Little boy strength. So I let him practice a quick tummy time.

His Sister did tummy time when she was three months old.

I’m between wanting Kryston to grow up & staying as a baby. Love most when I nurse him to sleep in my arms.”

Missing A Gem 

Longest time since my last entry… I’ve been busy with newborn and nursing routine. Using a Korea breast pump S1 Spectra hospital grade & Honey Suckle Milk Storage Bags.

On the 19th Jul, my confinement lady left. I was emotional & teared. Not used to her absence, my house was quieter and cold as the recent rainy weather. Miss her singing to baby, daily meals together & our afternoon tea chat. When Auntie Ruilian was around, she would fill my house with her unexpected “cuteness” & wisdom. When she doesn’t smile, she may appear fierce but once she opens up, she’s a caring & fun person.

My helper, Lisa arrived few days after I delivered. She’s super hardworking and takes initiative in organising my home especially the much neglected kitchen cabinets. All good except, she didn’t have any cooking experience for Chinese food.

With very limited English vocabs, Auntie Ruilian found her way to train Lisa. She was rather strict. At times I overheard they “disturb” each other in the kitchen. Lisa and her mentor developed a special bond. Auntie Ruilian is happy that I appreciate Lisa & treat her well. When I take them out to restaurants, Auntie Ruilian asked to order coke for Lisa.

After Auntie Ruilian left for another client, I was gloomy and teared. Best Friend B was on the phone being there for me.

Before Auntie left, she burped my newborn for the last time and said with a gentle voice, “你不要着这样看我,我也舍不得你可是我们还是要分开的吗……你要乖乖听mummy papa 的话 Ok”

Maybe telepathy, I could feel Kryston feeling sad & helpless about her departure. He didn’t throw tantrum but once, he revealed a sad expression. My heartache terribly.

Serena’s world only lit up when Auntie Ruilian WeChat me telling me she misses us and we had to & fo voice chat. She knew baby & I were sad and did her best to cheer me. I was elated to receive her voice chat. Auntie Ruilian is now working with another family and I hope she will be as happy Everyday.

Thankful for God’s arrangement. Lisa picked up the essential cooking & baby care skills. I had wanted to bathe Kryston but she did it and did well.

Her cooking far exceeded my expectation too. My mum was more than pleased. Auntie Ruilian really taught well.

Auntie Ruilian left her water bottle at my place, in a month’s time she will come my place to visit us 🙂