Massage is good…

From time to time, confinement auntie will drop useful knowledge on baby care. With her years of experience, she has “troubleshoot” lots of situations. Auntie says its normal for babies to hippcups and she told me either we can burp baby or massage him. 

This evening she taught me baby massage. 

​Auntie told me Kryston loves being massaged. Not all babies like to be massaged. It’s in the genes! 

During my pregnancy, Bret gently massaged my legs every night with lavender oil. And towards last trimester, I engaged pre natal massage to ease my backache as well as help in blood circulation. 

At night, I will rub thieves & lemon oil onto Leia soles and calfs to boost her immune system & help her relax. Sometimes I will massage Bret’s shoulders to relieve his stiff shoulders and work stress. 

Bottom line, we love massage 🙂 

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